How many Hobbies do you have?

Have you ever sat down and counted how many true hobbies you have? Hobbies give you a time to sit down and relax and do something you really enjoy. Once you have completed your project you get such a joy out of the finished work. Hobbies can take on many different shapes and forms. One person may think there hobby is the best hobby around while the other person thinks their hobby is the best around. I personally have many different hobbies that I enjoy and most every day you will find me doing a different hobby.

Some of my hobbies are huge hobbies while some of my other hobbies are very small hobbies. One of my big hobbies that I truly enjoy is sewing. I love to make rag quilts and spend a lot of time and money making them. I love to give the as presents, but have yet to make myself one. I often go online to see if I can find good deals on fabric. Depending on the type of fabric you could spend a lot of money on fabric or a little money. I often wait until the fabric is on sale and then buy enough to make three of four projects out of it. One of my smaller hobbies is beaded Jewelry. I love to make beaded jewelry with my daughter who at the age of 6 has quiet a knack for making beaded bracelets.

I have lots of other hobbies in between sewing and beaded jewelry and could go on forever but I want to hear what hobbies you are doing and how many hobbies you have. Is there any hobby you would like to try? Is there any hobby you once did and would love to restart?

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