Handmade Gifts are the best!

With all the expenses that come along with Christmas, it is a wise decision to try and possibly make some of your Christmas gifts. Handmade gifts can be fun and easy to make. The person receiving a handmade gift will also know that you spent extra time and effort making the gift for them.

Some handmade gift ideas include:

1) Food – Who doesn’t like to eat? Whether it is sweets such as cookies, fudge or other Christmas candies or other foods such as snack mixes, granola, or even beef jerky there are tons of food related ideas that you can turn into a great homemade gift.

2) Bath and Body – Did you know you could create soaps, lotions and lip-glosses yourself? There are many kits and mixes out there where you can personally create bath beads, body lotions, hand creams, bar soaps and more for those special people on your Christmas list.

3) Photo Gifts – Whether you just take a few great snapshots of your kids and/or have some taken of the whole family and frame them, or you spend extra time creating a calendar, photo book or other unique photo gift. Photo gifts are a great way to give your loved ones something special that you did yourself.

4) Sewn Gifts – Do you sew, or maybe you can just tie knots? There are many gifts in this category, from blankets, to monogrammed towels, pillowcases, bags and more! There are even gifts that only require tying knots. Gifts such ad these can be both practical and personal.

5) Children’s Creations – If you have children what a better way to get them involved in gift giving than to have them to create their very own gifts. Kids can be very creative so let them have the freedom to decide what they want to do, within budget of course.

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