Is Direct Sales Right for You? Five Questions to Ask and Answer

Direct sales is a great business model for many people. It can be a way to own your own full-time business. It can also be a nice way to supplement your income. Part time or full time – being a direct sales consultant does require a few interests and personality traits. It’s not for everyone. Answer these five questions to be sure direct sales is a smart choice for you.

#1 What motivates you?

Many direct sales associates are motivated by money. It’s a great motivator, to be sure. However, you don’t have to be motivated by money to really enjoy direct sales. You can also be motivated to help people live better lives. Your products solve problems and provide a benefit.

You may also be motivated to help others succeed. When you recruit other direct sales team members, you’re providing a career opportunity to them. You can mentor them to be successful. So, what motivates you?

#2 Are you independent or a team player?

If you’re independent then direct sales is a great business model. You are able to work on your own to grow your business. You’ll work with party hostesses so there is a social element. However, for the most part you can work on your own.

If you’re a team player then consider looking for a company that offers a tiered system. You can recruit teammates and enjoy the benefit of working with others. Of course, you’ll also spend some time on your own developing your own business.

#3 Do you enjoy selling?

In order to be successful as a direct sales consultant you’re going to want to enjoy selling. As a direct sales person you’re going to get the opportunity to sell in a party environment which can be very different than a typical retail environment. You’ll also market your business online and off through various means. However, your profits will come from your sales.

If you would enjoy talking to people about how they can benefit from the various products you represent, direct sales may be your best decision ever.

#4 Do you have good business and organizational skills?

As a business owner there will be a number of things to organize and track. The more organized you are, the better and more efficient your business will be. You’ll want to track sales and profits, inventory and expenses – just to name a few items.

#5 Do you have a positive mindset?

Owning your own business can be challenging. Because you’re an independent sales person, you’re solely responsible for everything. You have to be self-motivated. A positive mindset will help you push through any challenges that may arise. It’ll keep you motivated to achieve your goals.

Direct sales isn’t for everyone. However, for many it can be a dream come true. Do your answers to these questions support a direct sales career? If so, the next step may be to find the right company for you. To your success!

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