Romantic Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas

Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day will soon be here. Have you thought of romantic Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for this year? You don’t have to use the same decorations from the past; you can create one-of-a-kind decorations which will show your partner what you think of them.

Begin at the dinner table. Spread a white or pink tablecloth over the table. Use red cloth napkins or dishes. You can also use gold or silver chargers to make the table more stunning. Don’t feel that you have to use only colors traditional to Valentine’s Day. If your loved one doesn’t like colors associated with Valentine’s Day, try to use their favorite colors instead.

Roses are normally given during Valentine’s Day but you may not want to purchase a dozen roses. Even if you don’t buy an entire bouquet, that doesn’t mean you can’t use flowers to decorate. Pull the petals from the flowers and spread them on the dinner table or make a path of petals leading to your special area.

Even though roses are the traditional flower of Valentine’s, you can also place bouquets of any type of flowers around to decorate. Don’t feel like you’re limited to one type of flower. In fact, if you choose non-traditional flowers you’ll spend less money but still have the beauty that flowers avail.

Get in the mood with candles. Dim the lights and place candles around the room to help create a romantic glow. Gather candles of different heights and put them on a large mirror. The candles will be reflected to create even more light. Add rose petals or red, pink and white marbles around the mirror to add contrast to the candles.

Create decorative heart-shaped garlands out of fabric scraps. Find large red, white and pink wooden beads and string them with heart-shaped pieces of fabric. Or you can make hearts with pieces of wire and scrunch fabric over the wire. String them together and hang them from the mantel.

Think outside of the box. Instead of serving beverages in champagne glasses, pour candy conversation hearts or cinnamon red hot candies in them. Of course, you’ll also want to have something to drink but you can use a different type of glass for beverages. Spell out “I love you” with red hot candies on the tablecloth. Try to think of unusual ways to decorate with items associated with Valentine’s.

You may be able to come up with other romantic Valentine’s Day decoration ideas. If you think about what your partner enjoys most and incorporate those ideas into the decorations, they’ll be more than impressed. Then be sure to let your sweetheart know how you feel as you spend quality time together on Valentine’s Day.

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