How to Naturally Boost Your Love Hormones and Increase Chances of Conceiving

When you first plan to have a baby, the excitement takes your sexual appetite to a whole new level. You and your partner are clearly passionate about each other and about starting a family, so the sex follows. But if you are not successful the first few attempts, you may be told to try consistently, and on schedule. The problem that many couples experience is that the timing may be right, but the mood isn’t. One may be tired, the other simply not “feel” it. The result? Even bigger frustration. Instead of the experience bringing the couple closer together, the efforts are only tearing them apart. The sex becomes monotonous. So, how do you keep your love hormones up and running?

The love hormone is scientifically called Oxytocin. This particular hormone, greatly responsible for a woman’s uterine contractions and breastfeeding, also induces the warm and fuzzy feeling we all would like to feel (love, generosity and trust). It is more present in our lives than we actually think. A surge of oxytocin rushes in when a mother first sees and cares for her newborn, especially when she nurses the child. Throughout life, it is responsible for calming people down, and making socialization easier, especially for people who find it difficult to do so.

Because of oxytocin, people feel more connected and comfortable, relieving the heart of uneccesary tension and stress. When the body feels good, and the mind and heart are nourished, intimate relationships are boosted. It doesn’t always have to do with sex – it is the way you and your partner go through the experience of making a baby, together and lovingly.

Here are simple ways you can enhance you and your partner’s production of oxytocin, the love hormone:

Cherish Your Favorites

There is a reason people have favorites – these things, people or places which may seem trivial to others may seem the world to another, because it makes him or her feel happy and safe. Simple things such as loving words from a person you look up to, or the smell of cinnamon cookies, or just waking up early after an evening rain and smelling wet grass – anything that makes you feel comfortable because they’re your favorite. These induce oxytocin surges. Notice how you feel good all throughout the day, after you’ve heard from someone dear to you? Any sound, scent or sight that induces pleasant memories and thoughts can get your oxytocin levels to soar.

Love Your Pet

There is something relaxing about stroking your pet cat or dog’s fur. Or, when you have had a rough day, and you own a fish, try sitting in front of the tank for a few minutes, and just allow yourself to watch the fish swim. It is very relaxing. It is natural for husbands and wives to have the occassional dry spells in the bedroom, and during these days, a pet in the room seems to bring back the intimacy. Stroking the pet together or just playing will mutually enhance oxytocin release in both of the partner.


Is there anything you particularly love about your partner? Daydreaming is actually good and will help boost your oxytocin levels. When you feel you do not want to get intimate, focus your thoughts on your significant other. To do this, you may have to be apart for a short while. Missing each other brings back the passion in the bedroom, but it’s also because the thoughts you have about one another boost your oxytocin levels, so you end up feeling more loving, and lovable.

Have Passionate Sex

Dry spells can send you into a rut – but the trick is to take it slow in the bedroom. The touching, hugging and gentle foreplay can cause a rise in your love chemical levels, and reaching orgasm can definitely double or triple this amount. When being passionate with your partner, try not to think so much about efforts to make a baby. Some couples just enjoy the moment and the intimacy, and are surprised after a few takes, that they’re finally expecting.

This guest post was written by Johanna Almazar RN. Johanna writes about pregnancy, conception and fertility at PregnancyQuickStart.Com
Johanna Almazar, RN, is a registered nurse of the Philippines. She has made a career out of educating Asians as well as Europeans on the effective use of the English language. She is a dedicated writer and a consistent contributor to the website During the day, she is an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) coach for a US-based premiere review facility for nurses who wish to migrate.

Hanna has traveled transculturally to several parts of the world, and had lived with her family in Qatar for twelve years before returning to the Philippines for further studies. She has attended various prestigious trainings on verbal and written communication, such as the Toastmasters’ International, a nonprofit organization committed to enhance the leadership and public speaking ability of its members. She also trained for radio broadcasting with one of the country’s local stations through a program called Aircheck.

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