Fun Activities for Baby Showers

When planning a baby shower, the two most important things to think about are the food and the entertainment. If your guests are hungry they’re not going to feel like playing any games so be sure to have enough food prepared. Having activities and games planned ahead creates a really nice environment. Here’s a list of activities that you can plan so your baby shower will be a blast.

Picture Souvenir
Find a wall that you can place a backdrop so that the mommy to be can take pictures with the guests. Assign someone as the photographer and make sure that this place has good lighting. After the shower, the picture can be sent along with a thank you card to all of the guests as a souvenir.

Guess the Jelly Beans
Purchase a giant bottle and fill it with jelly beans. When the guests arrive, have them write their name along with the amount of jelly beans they believe to be in the bottle. The hostess keeps all of these cards together until it’s time to reveal the amount to all of the guests. The cards are then passed around randomly and the card with the number closest to the correct amount wins.

Bottle Feeding Contest
For this game you will need several baby bottles filled with juice. Contestants line up and when the hostess says go they have to start sucking the juice out of the bottle. The first one to finish the bottle wins a prize.

Carve a Baby Out of Soap
Have the guests form teams with 3 people in each one. The materials used are a bar of ivory soap and a butter knife. When the hostess says “go” everyone gets 6 minutes to carve out a baby from the soap. Each team member gets 2 minutes to carve after which they need to give the knife over to another member. They have the freedom of carving out a face or an entire baby body. A panel of judges will determine who has the prettiest sculpture. The team that wins gets a special prize.

Guess the Items in the Bag
This is a simple game but it’s a lot of fun. Place 8 different baby items in a bag that is not see through. The bag gets passed around and each guest can put their hand in to feel the item. They will then write down on a sheet of paper all of their guesses. At the end the hostess shows all of the items and the guests with more right answers win treats.

Eren Mckay is a work at home mom to 3 boys. She loves to share baby shower themes ideas with others. She has created resources like these princess and the frog baby shower decorations to help others when party planning.

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