Clever Organization Ideas

Keeping all those little items such as beads or buttons organized can be a bit of a pain but buying items to organize your supplies can get costly. Household items can serve more than one purpose. Try recycling to your benefit and turn everyday items into storage items.

Here are some inexpensive ways for storing your craft supplies:

Egg Cartons: great for storing or sorting buttons or beads and can be used for painting as well.

Toolbox or Tackle Box: lots of smaller sections and compartments to keep your supplies organized and easy to move around from place to place.

Decorated Tall Cylinder Type Cans: such as Pringles containers, etc. are great for storing tall paintbrushes.

Decorated Boxes: everything from cereal boxes for magazine holding to larger boxes for quilting fabric and more.

Diaper Wipe Boxes: these are great for storing small items too.

I’m sure if you really think about it, there are tons more ideas you can come up with to use for storing you crafts and supplies. Leave a comment and share some of your organization tools with us.

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