Give Those Easter Photos a Special Place in Your Scrapbook

Now that you’ve taken all those Easter photos and either printed out your favorites or picked them up from being developed you’re no doubt anxious to get them displayed in your scrapbook.

Of course, you’ll want to use pastel colors as they seem to be the shades of Easter but there’s more that you can add to really make your Easter pages special. Take some of that Easter grass whether it’s pink or green and include it in your scrapbook page. Create an entire scene to share.

Give your page that 3-D effect. Place the grass on the bottom of the page and a pretty pale blue or even a soft pink for the background. Try placing somewhat large cutouts (or make your own) of bunnies, chicks, flowers or Easter eggs and place your family photos popping out from behind or around them or in a cracked half open egg. Add some confetti to the page if you’ve got any left. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Make it fun. Enjoy making it and others will enjoy seeing it. Come back and share what you’ve come up with. We’d love to see it.

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