Craft for Kids: Bead a Bracelet

Name bracelets are a fun, simple craft for kids to make and wear. It doesn’t require a lot of time or items to purchase. All you’ll need is some yarn or string, alphabet beads, scissors and a few other colored beads to accent your bracelet.

Have your child lay the alphabet and colored beads out on the table in front of them as they would like them to be on the bracelet once it’s completed. Cut the yarn or string just a bit longer than you will need for the bracelet to fit around your child’s wrist. Tie one end of the bracelet and have your child string the beads onto the bracelet. Depending on the age and ability of your child to string beads, you may consider somewhat larger beads for smaller children, as they will be easier for smaller hands. For the younger ones, you may want to either give them a hand spelling out their name in beads as they will have to put them on in reverse order or write it out on a piece of paper for them to follow, in order for it to read correctly when completed. Of course, the younger the child the more assistance they will need from you so this is also a great family bonding time activity as well.

They can either use the colored beads as separators between each letter or add them to the ends of their names for an additional splash of color and personalization.

Finally, tie the other end of the bracelet, then tie it on their wrist and snip off the extra or instead of tying a knot, you can use other fasteners, such as a hook and eye, fount at craft stores. This would allow the bracelet to be taken on and off with having to untie a knot.


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