A Mother’s Guide to Revamping Your Look without Breaking the Bank

As mothers, we’ve all had that experience of looking through our closets and feeling like there is not one outfit we can wear that makes us feel like ourselves. Motherhood, although fulfilling, often leaves us feeling too tired to take care of ourselves at the end of the day…and the thought of a new wardrobe seems like a daunting and expensive task. Instead of daydreaming about a brand-new closet full of clothes, why not spruce up your jewelry collection? Spring is a wonderful time to re-invent yourself in more ways than one and revamping your jewelry arsenal is the perfect starting point to release your inner you.

The essence of spring conjures up images of light-hearted tones and the obligatory floral motifs…this year; those designs have evolved into intriguing designs embellished with sumptuous gemstones. Spring 2011 color palettes for jewelry will be bolder than what is typically seen during this effervescent season. Familiar pairings of black and white, brown mixed with corals, blue against green and crisp white canvases have been revamped in a myriad of jewelry motifs. Designers are infusing gorgeous tones of rich olive green and indigo blue, adding smoky quartz to warm coral, and combining exquisite textures to solid colors. Adding these invigorating tones to your ensemble via a necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring is an affordable yet sophisticated way to stay on trend. Remember, being a mother on a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Make a statement this season…

Designers are still unveiling fabulous statement pieces such as elongated earrings, bold bracelets, decadent necklaces and oversized rings that are shattering one’s views of so-called typical designs.

Make the metal your muse…

Many designers are bringing metals to the forefront. Look for oversized motifs, especially in bangles, that showcase highly-structured and abstract designs that eliminate the need for gemstone embellishments.

Showcase your strength…

Don’t be afraid to be a little daring. An undeniable trend in jewelry lately is the use of strong motifs. Unconventional themes such as snakes, bugs and abstract floral designs are intricately infused into modern jewelry themes. When adding these types of jewelry designs to your ensemble, think about how to do so in a way that compliments not overpowers your look.

Flaunt your feminine wiles…

No one can escape flirtatious fringes this spring. Many jewelry designers have moved beyond using various sizes and colors of feathers in their pieces. To infuse allure of this season’s fringe into your ensemble, add earrings and necklaces that boast gemstone-embellished chains which create dramatic lengths to the already intriguing motifs. Sensuality is just seconds away when you add an elegant layered necklace to your look. Whether the necklace is made from simple chains or decadent gemstones, these types of necklaces possess the power to add that wow factor to any ensemble.

Following these cosmopolitan trends are an affordable way to share your unique personality and savvy style with the world. Go ahead mothers, indulge yourself.

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