Help your kids now, no more ‘I wish I would haves’

Do you live in regretsville? Do you take trips on the guilt cruise line? Perhaps you travel the I-wish-I-would-have world too often? This means you are most likely a mother. We all want the best for our children but we are not perfect and so we recognize and feel guilty for our inadequacies. Now is the time to stop that practice, it is not healthy for you or your child. Do the following three things–starting now–to help your kids and avoid the guilt.

Be positive

Every time you catch yourself berating yourself for what you should have done, stop and replace it with something you have done right. You will create more positive energy and be a happier mom for your child when you do this. By being gentle with yourself you are also giving your child to do the same. Perhaps you have heard your child being negative about their talents or abilities. Most likely you cringed, feeling sad that they would feel that way. They don’t want to hear you do the same thing.

One-on-One time

If you are not already doing so, plan some one-on-one time with your child at least once a week. Go on a picnic, go to the library, learn a new skill together, play at the park or take a walk. The activity is not the important part: connecting with your child is. Leave all distractions behind, don’t answer your phone and really listen during this time. You’ll be surprised what this will do for your child. He or she will gain an understanding that they are important to you, they will recognize their worth and grow with confidence.

Let them into Your World

It’s natural to send your child to the television or game system when you need to get things done. Too often the hassle deters us from inviting our children into our world. Cooking dinner tonight? Include your child in the process. Depending on their age, they could cut up vegetables, measure spices, stir the soup or pick out the beverage for the meal. While getting ready in the morning, have them sit by you at the vanity and share what you are doing. Even if you are applying anti aging skin products, give them a dab on the nose and teach them the need to moisturize at a young age. Children want to be in your world, so invite them in, go ahead–you won’t regret it!

Starting these habits will get you off the train of fret and onto the train of fulfillment. Mothering can be hard, but don’t make it harder than it needs to be!

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