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Once you decide to try beading as a hobby there are a few basic items you’ll need to get started. They include beads, beading needles, a good pair of sharp scissors, thread and a beading box to keep all those little beads from rolling around everywhere.

Beads come in hundreds of varieties so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from everything from glass beads to metal, wood or even ceramic beads. You may want to consider seed beads for a beginner, as they are relatively inexpensive and yet offer a variety of project options. Tip: To save yourself some time you may consider buying beads prepackaged by color rather than multi-colored packages depending upon your project needs, that is. If you’ll be using one color more than another, this may be a better option and save you time by already being sorted for you.

Beading needles are smaller than sewing needles. Unfortunately, most if not all sewing needles tend to be too large to use with beads so beading needles are essential. Don’t worry, they are fairly inexpensive too. There are many varieties depending on what type of beads you will be using including: English Beading Needles (used with seed bead projects, they are long and thin), Twisted Wire Steel Needles (twisted wire with a loop at one end), Sharps Needles (short and about half the size of the English Beading Needle mentioned earlier).

Beading Scissors are important as well. Special beading shears will allow you to get close to the knot and will be sturdy enough to cut most wire. Keep in mind when getting beading scissors that you may be working with more than just thread, consider getting some sharp shears that will cut more than just threads.

Beading thread as mentioned earlier is as wide in variety as the beads themselves depending on what you will be beading and what end resulting look you are aiming for. Beading threads are typically waxed with beeswax to keep them from fraying. Beading Cord on the other had is not waxed since it is used when the actual cord remains in some sections without beads. Be sure to use the correct thread or cord for your particular project for the best results.

Beading Boxes can either be purchased or if you are in a pinch or just like to recycle products you may want to just use a few tiny clear jars or even an empty egg carton to hold your beads in. It’s up to you what will work best for you and the space you have to keep your supplies in.

As you continue to grow in your skill for your new hobby you’ll come to find you want to expand not only in your experience and projects but in your supplies as well but for now these few items are a good start. Enjoy expressing yourself with beading.

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