Locating Craft Supplies: In and Around Your Home

Crafting with your kids is a lot of fun both for them and for you. Now don’t think you have to go out and spend a lot of money on items to make your crafts out of, some of the best items you already have lying around your house or can be found outside of it.

Of course there are things you’ll want to keep on hand for such an occasion as glue, google eyes, glitter, construction paper, paint and tape but the other things you probably already have. Like what you ask?

Well, let’s start by taking a quick look around the yard, there are lots of things to make crafts out of such as smooth, flat rocks, pine cones, multi-colored leaves, flowers (you may want to press them or dry them to make them easier for the kids to use), twigs, shells if you happen to live near the beach even some sand or dirt can be the beginnings of a 3-D picture.

Once you’ve collected some items and the kids will enjoy searching for items with you head back inside and begin your search again. Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls make great puppets, magazines are loaded with pictures that can be cut out and used, even scrap material can be cut up and used, those odd buttons you’ve got laying around are great decorations and accents. Don’t have paint add some food coloring to some water and make watercolor paintings or blow colored water around on a page with a straw for a one of a kind painting. You can make bird feeders out of some string, a straw and a slice of dry bread that’s been decorated with food coloring.

Use scraps of material and mason jars to make gifts for friends. Use the material to decorate the lids and fill them with cookie mixtures and write the instructions and attach with a string or fill with hot cocoa and marshmallows. It’s a great gift and a simple one the kids will enjoy making.

Just one more tip, keep a craft box so when your kids find something they can use to make a craft with it will all be in one place and easy to find the next time.

Use your imagination and you can make all sorts of crafts with your kids with just the simple items you have lying around your home.

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