Beautiful Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a special way to let your guests know you appreciate their attendance at your most special day and any gifts you may receive from them. Weddings have so many expenses but wedding favors don’t have to be one of the big ones.

Fortunately, favors are usually sold in quantities and in most cases, the more you buy, the less your cost per favor. Choosing to buy one type of favor for all of your guests will save you money right away. Here are just a few quick ideas for lovely yet inexpensive favors you might want to consider:

Bookmarks: Small gold or silver bookmarks which clip onto the tops of a page make elegant favors. While looking expensive they are actually very reasonably priced. Perhaps you are someone who enjoys crafting, you might also want to consider adding your personal touch and creating your own custom bookmarks for your guests. With some card stock paper, embellishments, a laminator and your own personal creative ideas you can create a one-of-a-kind bookmark favor.

Keychains:  A wonderful and useful idea for a wedding favor. They’re inexpensive, can be found in an infinite number of colors and themes and everyone uses them. You can find a keychain favor that will fit perfectly whether your wedding theme is ultra-romantic or whimsical.

Picture frames:  Wallet-sized picture frames are a great wedding favor choice also. Guests can use them to display your wedding photo or one of their own. Very nice, festive frame favors at low prices can be found both online and in stores.

Candles and candleholders:  Candles make practical yet romantic wedding favors. Candles with their own holders can be found at reasonable prices or you could buy the candles and holders separately for you unique look.

Candy: Small tins, pails or boxes filled with candy are a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for your guests. Nuts, candy kisses, or mints are some excellent choices for filling them. Add some tulle or ribbon to make these favors extra special.

Wedding favors should express your gratitude for your guests’ attendance and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness but they don’t have to be expensive items to show it. There are lots of other favors you can either create yourself or buy in bulk. Whichever way you choose to go, they will serve as a precious token of your gratitude.

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