Healthy Organic Cooking for Nutrition and Fitness

The progress in modern food production has undeniably been positive overall, but there is a bad factor to consider. We’ve substituted convenience for nutrition, and our health is paying the price. Instead of looking towards sustainability, we pollute our land, use up resources, and then move on.

Here, however, we are going to primarily pay attention to what we’ve done to our population’s nutrition in the long term. We eat meat that is full of hormones and antibiotics, to mention just a couple things. Our produce has been exposed to pesticides and fungicides so that the corporations that own the farms make the most money possible, no matter the consequences. If you eat organic foods, however, you can bypass all this stuff.

Eating Organic to Achieve Overall Fitness

Any talk about fitness brings to mind the trim, muscular bodies you see on late night infomercials. But don’t be fooled, fitness goes much deeper than that. While it’s great to shed some excess pounds, true fitness is only achieved when your body is detoxified. When you eat organic food, you detoxify your body naturally by attrition, flushing your body out by not replacing unwanted compounds. Those muscular, trim people you see on the infomercials may not be as healthy as you think; in fact, they could be malnourished or even dehydrated, despite appearances.

The modern definition of organic means that:

  • Organic produce has not been hosed off with synthetic fungicides, pesticides, or herbicides
  • Organic livestock has had a certain amount of time at pasture and has not been fed or injected with hormones or antibiotics

The Essentials

The farmers’ market should be first and foremost on your list of places to visit when it comes to finding fresh organic food. They are the place to get your organic food if you want it really fresh, as there is virtually no transit or shipping time to leach nutrients from the produce. The farmer is usually selling his or her own produce, so you can talk to them and get answers to any questions you may have swirling around in your head. It’s also a great way to get involved in the movement by making friends and getting an understanding of the process.

Farmers’ markets are usually located along a common thoroughfare in or near the town or city in which you live, so they’re easy to locate. They’re usually held on the same day every week, so if you’ve noticed one at parking lot X on the way home from work on a Thursday, for example, it will be there next Thursday. So stop on by! If you are looking for organic meats or some obscure organic fare, however, you should check a health food store or look in the standard grocery.

Organic Practices in the Kitchen

Substitution is key when it comes to cooking organically. The best way to keep with your organic ideals is to make the transition as smooth as possible by finding organic solutions to your favorite dishes. Check out some organic recipe books and organic cooking websites to find inspiration. People who have a Cuisinart slow cooker (or any slow cooker, for that matter) will find that they will get a lot of use out of it.

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  1. I have started cooking more organically lately and have really noticed a difference in my household. Not only have my kids started eating more healthily, but my husband and I have as well! We don’t go out to eat as much because we have really been enjoying our meals at home. Our children are pretty picky eaters, but have really broadened their horizons with the organic cooking that we have started. Of course, our grocery bills are a little higher, but it’s definitely worth it.