Introducing Mediterranean Diet to the Dining Table

Guest post by Alex. Alex writes about weight loss and healthy living. Her latest articles are about the merits of Mediterranean diet for a good health.

Mediterranean diet is a well-known diet usually associated with good health and longer life-expectancy. For moms who love to cook and make their own food, you can easily add up a “Mediterranean twist” on your meals especially for you and your family. Med diet is a natural, tasty and a healthy diet. It’s good to introduce it to your young ones to jumpstart their healthy eating. Now what is exactly the Mediterranean diet?

As we all know the diet has been there for ages, and it has been a major way of life for those people living in the Mediterranean basin. Countries like Greece, Spain, Morocco, Italy, have this kind of diet and it has become a healthy lifestyle for them. The diet consists mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, sea foods, legumes, beans and nuts, pasta, poultry and fish, olive oils, dairy products, red wine and many more. Also, the diet can be prepared in a dozen of ways to satisfy every taste.

Why do you need to follow the med diet?

It is healthy

It promotes healthy fats through regular intake of olive oils. Avoiding margarine and butter would cut down unnecessary fats. Olive oil may be used for all kinds of food preparation, could be a dressing for your vegetable salad or your pasta. It promotes monounsaturated fats which help reduce blood cholesterol and keep you away from heart diseases.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids found in salmon, tuna, mackerel is usually part of the diet. This improves overall health of the heart and lower triglyceride levels.

Red wines for your source of flavonoids that serves as natural antioxidants, which help you avoid cancer. It promotes good metabolism as well, so it pays to have a glass a day.

Of course the fruits, vegetables and wholegrain that contain a lot of soluble fiber, aids in weight loss and good digestion, also the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in them. This is usually the main source of energy for this diet and found in major meals.

It is savory and made in different preparations

It adds excitement to your meals. Members of the family would be excited on what meal is prepared and how it would taste. And you as a cook would be able to explore your horizons in regards to your cooking style.

It is cost efficient

You can actually get these food items in low costs and most groceries have sales on them. You can make the most of it and prepare healthy foods for as low as a dollar. Also, preparing your own food would be a whole lot cheaper than buying food or eating out.

Starting med diet with your family would promote a good and healthy lifestyle which would benefit them a lot. Try them out now and experience the wonder of it.

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