Outdoor Activities for Children during Winter Months

Getting children outside during the winter sometimes can be difficult for parents to do. However, even though it’s cold that the kiddos would rather be snuggled up in bed – or in front of the Wii, they still need to go outside and play. Not only is it physically healthy for them, but it’s also a great way to improve their moods and burn off extra energy. Of course, before you can get your kids excited about playing outside in the cold, you’re going to have to have a few fun things for them to do. Below are several fun outdoor activities for children to do during the winter months.

Go Sledding:

If you are in an area that receives a lot of snow during the wintertime, then chances are, that you’re children will love spending a few hours outside sledding. You can buy sleds at your local department store, but there are tons of ways available to make your own sled from everyday items. It may be fun for you and your children to make your own sleds before you leave the house.

Go Ice-Skating:

Another great activity is to take your children ice-skating. Many communities (where it gets cold enough) have outdoor skating rinks for residents. When your children are old enough, probably around four or so, weekly visits to the outdoor ice-skating rink can be a lot of fun for everyone in the family.

Feed the Birds:

Most children love watching animals, especially when they are interacting with humans. One of the easiest ways to do this in the wintertime is by feeding the birds. This is something that can actually be done daily. It may take a few days for the birds to realize there is food out, but once they do, they will be watching for the next meal. Your children will enjoy watching the birds eating the seeds they’ve put out for them.

Pick Up Pinecones:

What’s so fun about picking up pinecones? Well, when your children know they’ll get to do something fun with them once they’ve got them it’ll be more fun. The plan is to get them outside searching for the perfect pinecones because later when they bring them inside, they can decorate them with glue and glitter or soak them in cinnamon oil to make a wonderfully-smelling centerpiece for the dining room table.

Make Snow Ice-Cream:

With a little milk, snow, sugar and flavoring it’s easy to mix up a batch of snow-made ice-cream. Your kids will love collecting the snow and mixing up the ingredients for making their own ice-cream. This is one activity that can only be done in the wintertime and one that will be looked forward to by your children for years to come. For exact measurement and instructions, you can find a variety of recipes online for this particular winter treat.

photo credit: karelia

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