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I don’t know about you but I’m getting really tired of all the hyped-up, over-emphasized, get rich quick business ideas you see all over the internet these days.

It seems like everyone is trying to tell you how they made a fortune and how you can do it too… are you wondering if there’s anyone with a real business and real experience to learn from?

Let me tell you about Just Add Sweat .

JoAnne Wescott and Nicole Dean are two ladies who run their own successful businesses and don’t seem to have time for a lot of the nonsense that often goes on when someone is trying to sell a money-making idea. They created the website and eGuides on the premise of providing the tools needed to get started, and all you need to do is add the sweat.

There’s a quote on the JustAddSweat.com website that really does a great job of defining the whole concept:

“Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” – Thomas A. Edison

I had a chance to go over their ‘Start a Face Painting Business’ eGuide and it is something I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a fun and original business idea.

Now, as the website states, you need to add your own sweat while the guide lays it all out in clear and simple terms.

What’s included:
· Self-quiz to determine if the face-painting business is perfect for you.
· Some characteristics you should have.
· How to treat it like a real business and start with a solid foundation.
· What tools and equipment you will need.
· How to create a plan.
· Where to find events and what to charge.
· Marketing tools and techniques.
· Information on setting up as a real business.
· How to set up a website.
· Extra things to expand your business.
· Tips to do and things to avoid doing.

All together for a great price you get a 37-page eGuide, a SweatStory Success story interview, a sample cheek art designs book, a talent release form and a booking form.

Check it out for yourself, right here:

Just Add Sweat

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