Five Great Sewing Machines and Where to Buy

When it comes to purchasing a sewing machine, how do you decide what to buy?  There are many options today and then there is the option to buy online rather than having to make the trip to the store.

Here are the pros and cons of buying online.  If you choose to purchase a sewing machine online, you can do a search and find literally thousands of options within seconds.  The con to that is that you cannot sit down and test out the machine or even look at more than a picture of it before buying it.  However, online many times you can get a better deal than in stores and sometimes even with free shipping.

Another great option for purchasing a sewing machine online is to check the auction sites such as EBAY where someone who has recently bought a machine and then needed extra cash or decided to upgrade is auctioning off their model for a great deal.

Doing a simple search online can reveal many choices for purchasing a machine online if you choose to, results of my initial search, where I searched for the top five sewing machines on the market today are as follows:

1.QuickStich can be found at for $39.99.
2.Brother 10 Stitch can be found at Circuit for $89.99.
3.Singer 7 Stitch can be found at for $99.99.
4.Brother XL3750 can be found at for 139.99.
5.Singer 30 Stich can be found at for $199.99.

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