Feeling Mommy Mania?

It’s easy to become overwhelmed as a mother, especially of young children. We have schedules to keep track of, meals to plan, shopping to do, budgets to keep and fine, upstanding people to raise. Amidst all these to-do lists and desires we sometimes encounter unexpected bumps in the road. Our health may fail us. Financial woes may threaten to ruin our security. Perhaps having the kids home from school all summer is more than you can bear to face.

The trials are Temporary, Your kids Aren’t

Being a parent is hard work. Recognizing that the trials you face are temporary can become a freeing element to maintaining peace in your home while enduring with grace. Your kids, on the other hand, are not temporary. Their place in your life will never change. The relationship you create with them is more important than the financial stress or health scare you may be facing. If they are of an appropriate age, discuss with them the issues that you are trying to work through. It will help them to understand that your lack of energy or impatience is not a result of their behavior or worth.

Take Care of Yourself

Daily exercise is crucial to maintaining a level of sanity to face each day with your best self. Getting up before your children and readying yourself will also be a great help in giving them a patient, kind mom. Getting out with friends and maintaining relationships where you can express your worries and seek advice will also go along ways in maintaining your mental state. Do not forget, eitherd to do the simple things like drinking adequate amounts of water per day and moisturizing your skin. An anti aging skin care routine may be just what you need in order to look past the ‘wrinkles’ and focus on the good that is going on in your life.

Enjoy these Moments

It sounds cliche, but true nevertheless, these moments will be gone before you know it. Your kids are only young once. They will soon not need you as much and want to be with their friends more frequently. Use this time to teach and influence for the good as much as possible. This means doing what you can to exhibit patience, show how to serve, be kind and build a life full of optimism and hope. Take advantage of every opportunity you get to express love and confidence in your children.

The mania you feel does not have to define you. Take the time needed each day to re-group and put on a happy face. The lasting impact on your children will be the reward in and of itself.

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