Ready or Not Here We Come! The Real Experts’ Guide to the First Year With Twins

This book is written by a mother of twins. By sharing her experiences, her ups and downs and her ways of making it through in a slightly comical format you come away with a feel good attitude that’s hard to find when you are a parent of multiples.

This book is filled with advice from someone who has actually been there. It’s short, to the point and a little comical in some areas. The best part is the advice that is laid out. It’s not easy to even think when you have 1 baby to take care but when you have 2 or more it’s almost impossible. Having a book that can give you some advice that works is something special.

It’s a short book but an informative book. It’s hard to find the time to do anything especially read when you have babies in the house. This book is kept short and easy to maneuver through so catching a few of the ideas while feeding the babies isn’t hard to accomplish.

I also like the don’t sweat the small stuff approach in this book. It’s also very obvious this book is honest, blunt, a little sarcastic and quite funny at times. It proves that we all love our children but that coming to the end of our ropes is reality.

Ready or Not Here We Come! The Real Experts’ Guide to the First Year With Twins also provides you with some no nonsense tips on how to get your babies on a schedule that will work for both of them. It gives advice on how to handle two hungry, wet and sleepy babies at the same time and still keep your sanity. There are also some websites mentioned in the book that can be very helpful.

This is not a you MUST do this type of book. It’s a book that will help you to realize that there are other people out there living through twins and that there are ways to handle the everyday life of twins. With a good sense of humor and a little encouragement this book will get you through it and keep you somewhat sane.

Where to Buy: Ready or Not… Here We Come! The Real Experts’ Cannot-Live-Without Guide to the First Year with Twins

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