Teens and Technology

Teens use technology. Most of the generation in school today will never experience a corded phone, cassette tape, or video. Digital has taken over the world.

According to many of the experts, the majority of teens are texting as the preferred path of communication. Many are texting up to 3000 times per month. The amount of techy talk causes many teens to reduce the face to face interactions. The effects are being felt.

Effects of Too Much Technology

  • Teens are becoming less self-sufficient. A surprising effect of being TOO connected is that kids and teens no longer make even small decisions on their own. Having constant contact (or the ability of that contact) with parents and other support means that kids are relying more on other people to tell them what to do. Fifteen years ago, a teen would have to decide if it would be okay to get a ride with a neighbor or go across the street to the store based on the guidelines already set down. Now they can simply call or text to see what the parent suggests.
  • Teens are having more difficulty communicating. The rise in technology has reduced the amount of interaction kids are having with each other and with adults. It becomes easier to text than to talk. Even the kids with cell phones tend to use the texting option over actual conversations which lead to decreased or stunted social skills.
  • Teens are losing their ability to imagine. Video games and digital media take the place of the individual need to create games or activities. It has all been figured out for you. Although some of the newer games require physical activity on some level, it still does not take as much brain exercise to participate in the digital world.
  • Teens are gaining more around the girth. Instead of taking to the streets on bikes or the neighborhood field for a game of ball, kids are sitting at home playing games or surfing the internet. The newer games have tried to combat this by requiring physical activity, but it does not compete with getting out in the fresh air and moving.

There are ways to reduce the impact of technology without cutting the cord completely. The kids and teens of this generation will need the skills of technology to reach the top levels of success.

Reduce the Impact of Technology

1.      Limit the number of hours of electronics (including cell phone use) to just one or two hours a day. Make sure that you follow the rule as well during “at home” hours.

2.      Set a shut off time. No matter how many hours may have been used that day, turn off electronics one to two hours before bedtime. It gives the mind time to wind down before sleep and will provide a sleep that is more peaceful.

3.      Institute family game night. Introduce the kids to interactive games like cards or board games. It will give them a new form of entertainment and also connect the family in a whole new way.

4.      Get active as a family. Play a game of kick ball. Go for a walk. Take a trip to the local skating rink. Getting moving as a family will help motivate kids to get more active.

Technology may be necessary, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. Too much technology can stunt the development of kids and teens. Limit the amount of time spent with electronics while providing new interests and you will give teens a stronger chance of developing their full potential.

Nicole Rodgers has been blogging for 3 years; she currently helps teens understand how to utilize their enterprise social networks and helps them prepare for having a credit card.

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