10 of the best alarm clocks for getting the kids out of bed!

So the kids have just had a whole 6 weeks of late to bed and late to rise during their school holidays and now as a parent, it’s your job to get them up for school again each morning. No easy task. Not only do you have to try and rouse them at least 4 times in between getting yourself ready and jumping in the shower but you have to make breakfasts and lunches and avoid any fighting! This is definitely a stressful time and you end up feeling like you have already been at work for a few hours before you have even left the house to go to your other job. As a result, everyone arrives home tired and grumpy and it can feel never ending. But fear no more as alarm clocks are coming to the rescue of parents everywhere.

These laborious alarm clocks are just about everyone’s worst nightmare. When I say “laborious,” I mean that these bad boys are going to force your kids to get up and put some effort into shutting them off. Whether they automatically roll away from them or blast a high-pitched sound, these alarms aren’t for night owls. Check out these alarm clocks and see which one you would like to put a hammer through if it woke you up and hence, which one you are buying for the kids! Who knows, it might just make you that much happier and with time to book those Dover Calais ferries for your day trips to France like before the kids were born!

1. Sonic Grenade

The Ear-splitting “sonic grenade” brings out the same affect. Simply pull the pin, and launch the grenade into the target’s room. In ten seconds a very annoying and piercingly loud noise (one of three volume settings) will blast out from the alarm. The best part is that to stop the alarm the sleeper has to find you so you can put the pin back in. Now that’s annoying. A great prank toy or a great travel gadget for getting your family going on those early mornings no one wants to get up.

2. Clocky

Meet the clock that runs away! The alarm clock runs away and hides when you don’t wake up. Clocky gives you one chance to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide. Clocky is kind of like a misbehaving pet, only he will get up at the right time! This thing can jump from up to 3 feet and moves on wood and carpet. Perfect for giving your kids the run around.

3. The Blowfly Alarm Clock

The Blowfly Alarm clock works by making a pain in the ass of itself. It launches at a time pre-set by the owner (who obviously loves torture), hovers in the air and then emits a buzzing sound like an annoying and persistent bug is sharing your boudoir. To reach over and press a button is no challenge to those sleep buds of yours. But to have to play hide and seek with the Blowfly Alarm Clock, reaching up and down to catch it, now that’s a wake up call as good as any caffeine fix!

4. Shocking Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is just plain nasty, not only does it wake you up in the morning but to turn it off you’ve got to be shocked. For me this is either going to result in head under pillow or broken alarm clock at the bottom of the bed, it could be good in the guest room though for those not so welcome guests *insert evil grin here*. Plus, kids secretly like being tortured so I’m sure they would be a fan of this alarm clock.

5. Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

As it might sound, the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock wakes you up in a way that you’re not likely to be able to get back to sleep for quite a while. The Sonic Boom has an astounding 113db alarm, and if that’s not enough it also has a vibration unit that you place under your pillow or mattress that will shake you awake. There is even a pulsating light display just in case you can ignore the noise. For those that have varying degress of sleep patterns you can alter the loudness of the alarm, so you can choose to wake up the whole household every morning or just yourself.

6. The Costly Alarm Clock

Now, loud noises, electric shocks and flying objects all work to a degree but I think this next alarm clock is genius for the serial snoozer. If you snooze, you lose. That’s right, you program this WiFi enabled clock to donate your money from your online bank account to your most despised charity (everybody’s got one) when you hit the snooze button. Though for kids it wont matter which charity receives the cash as all they will see is there pocket money slowly disappearing in front of their dreary eyes! I think after a week of no pocket money they will soon get the hang of getting out of bed quickly.

7. Puzzle Alarm Clock

As soon as you can assemble the four puzzle pieces that are popped up into the air at your predesignated time, the thing will finally shut up! That should be just enough commotion to assure that you won’t go drifting back into la-la land. This is a sure fire way to get the kids brains in gear first thing in the morning. They wont even be thinking of sleep once they have finally solved the puzzle and turned the alarm off.

8. Laser Beam Alarm Clock

A laser beam aimed at the exact center of the target is the only way to turn off the alarm sound in the morning. When the laser hits the target the alarm is turned off for 24 hours and goes off at the same time the next day. The alarm will always do this until manually de-activated or the alarm time changes. When the kids wake up to an alarm they have to concentrate to carefully aim the laser beam at the target, they’ll be suitably awake so as not to easily fall back asleep.

9. Fire Bell Alarm Clock

Designed not only to look like a real fire bell, it’s got very similar decibels with a digital time display and three alarm settings. If your in need of a “couple more minutes”, simply hit the big white snooze button and you’ve got 8 minutes before the next noise-fest kicks in that will not only wake you up but most likely the whole household!

10. Light Awakening Alarms

If frightening your children to death and making them jump out of their skin so fast that before they realise it they are out of bed is not your style (or you have a particularly aggressive teen who doesn’t take too kindly) then the natural light alarm clock is probably the best for you. A natural light alarm clock is designed to wake you up using a soothing gradual progressively lightening emulator of daylight that starts dull and gradually brightens to that it feels like you are experiencing the natural sunrise and gradual lightening of the sky. This makes it far easier and more enjoyable for you to wake up as your body is designed to flow with the natural rhythms of the day. By emulating the sunrise, the natural light alarm clock works with your body’s natural rhythms to wake you up naturally. Hence, your kids should wake up and as a bonus be in a better mood!

So now the kids are behaving and getting themselves up for school, here’s a treat for the parents…….

The Bacon Alarm!

Wake n’ Bacon not only gets you up but also cooks you breakfast in bed. The clock turns on 10min before you are due to wake up and slowly sizzles frozen rashers beneath two halogen light bulbs. Its built-in fan then wafts the smell of sizzling bacon around your room to wake you up. Now that’s one nice way to rise in the morning.

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