Hula Hooping is No Longer Child’s Play

Hula Hooping has become increasingly popular today and with good reason. Not only is hooping a great way to get fit and stay fit, it is a heck of a lot of fun too. Most of us remember hula hoops from our childhood and most of our memories are full of frustration. The weighted hula hoops of today are much different than the ones for children. With the added weight, the hoops are easier to maneuver and keep spinning. There is a great thrill to get that hoop spinning around your hips or waste and keep it there.

There are many benefits to using a weighted hula hoop, from weight loss to strength training and over all well being. Many people use the hoops for meditation, they say the spinning motion of the hoop has a calming effect. What ever your reason is for using a weighted hula hoop, it surely a positive one.

Excellent aerobic and cardio workout.

Not only is Hula hooping fun, it can also give you a great cardio workout. Once you become used to the hoop and have mastered the spin, you can move on to more difficult moves. You can add aerobic exercises, lunges and even kicks. You can also add dance moves to your routine. You really can have fun with it.

Lose weight and burn calories.

Who does not want to lose weight and burn off some of those pesky calories? Hooping can do just that for you. As long as you are moving, you are burning calories. The simple fact is this, if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Researchers say you can burn over 5 calories per minute! What better way to lose weight than to hoop away the pounds.

Strengthen your back and core.

Using a weighted hula hoop will help strengthen your back, chest and abdominal muscles. By moving the hoop up from your hips to your waste and eventually up to your chest and back down again, you are working essential muscles, that will result in better upper and lower back as well as core strength.

Improve your flexibility.

In time, hooping will make you more flexible. By spinning the hoop around different parts of your body on a regular basis, you are stretching muscles that otherwise may not be in motion. This constant motion will create a more limber you.

Create better balance and improve coordination.

While weighted hula hoops are much easier to spin and keep spinning, there is still a great deal of coordination involved in keeping the hoop up and spinning. As you become more familiar with your hoop, you will feel a better balance as you spin it around your body.

Happy Exercising.

As the hula hoop makes its way around your body, it creates a messaging effect. This massaging can release the hormone, serotonin. Serotonin sends messages to the brain and has been known to alter the mood in a positive way.

Low impact workout.

Hula hooping is a low impact way to exercise. That means a whole lot to someone who may have joint problems or arthritic issues. You can still get a great cardio workout with out adding insult to injury.

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  1. Yes, I agree that hula hooping is not only for kids. More and more individuals especially the ladies are now discovering that hula hooping is an excellent way to work out especially for tummy or abdominal enhancement. Hula hooping is an exciting way of doing your exercise routineā€¦ Try it, you will surely love it too!

  2. What a great idea! I have to say after doing the hula hoop on the WiiFit that I can see how it would help! I have never heard of hula hoops with weights or anything in them. I bet it’s fun – something I could do with my boys too :)

    • Mommies Helper says:

      Alaina – I’ve done the hula hoop on the Wii before and it’s not easy!

  3. It is interesting to learn about the numerous benefits of hula hooping. It sure sounds like a great and fun exercise, especially for those who prefer to work out at home.