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Favorite Summer Vegetables

Favorite Summer Vegetables

Favorite Summer Vegetables

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Vegetables are an important part of our daily nutrition. But, all are not at their best at all times of the year. Here are some suggestions for favorite summer vegetables that will serve you well.

Kids and vegetables have an uneasy relationship. For that matter, adults and vegetables share the same. But, when you choose ones that have their high season in the summer, discover new ways to enjoy them.

Summer Vegetables you will love

  1. Sweet corn – Have you ever enjoyed a sweet cob of corn? It doesn’t even need butter to make it tasty to the tongue. Choose corn that has been freshly picked. Every day after it is picked, it loses more sweetness. Find plump yellow kernels that have no blemishes.
  2. Green beans – There are many varieties. Here we are talking about pole beans like was beans and the typical green beans you find fresh at the farmer’s market. They have a mild sweet taste when cooked fresh. Some people open then and eat the beans out of the shell.
  3. Tomatoes – There are several varieties but mouths will water in the presence of a plump, red, juicy tomato on the vine. They are full of an antioxidant called lycopene. Top your favorite burger with a slice or use to create your own tomato sauce for dinner.
  4. Sweet peppers – Whether yellow, orange, red or purple, these peppers can provide nutrition and heat to your salad, soup, stir fry or stew. Now, you can grill vegetables to enjoy them without cooking away all of their goodness.
  5. Zucchini – Zucchini is a summer squash. It pairs well with other summer squash in a stir fry with onions or in combination with chicken or seafood. Their texture is mild. Choose specimens with smooth and unblemished skin.
  6. Cucumbers – They work on the inside of the body and not just for puffy eyes. Cucumbers make a nice addition to your salad. Use them in slices instead of crackers with dips for a healthier alternative. Eat the skin as well for added fiber.
  7. Okra – It’s slimy when it’s cooked and that is all some people can see. But, in spite of that, many still love the taste of this little vegetable. You can fry or sauté it for a better firmer texture. Combine with an acidic vegetable like tomatoes in a jambalaya to see their flavor come through.
  8. Peas – They are small and green but they are indeed sweet. Many people neglect the pea but it is actually good to eat. Cook them, but not too much so you don’t lose the plumpness or the sweetness. Raw, they can be eaten on a salad.

What are your favorite summer vegetables? Add them to this list.

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