Preparing your Child for Preschool – The Basic Subjects

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If this is your first child going into preschool you may be wondering exactly what they will be learning and how you can best prepare them.  Preschool is all about getting your child ready for full time school days and it also allows them to get a head start on important subjects.

The subjects that you might want to consider working with your child on before and during preschool include:

  1. Colors – Most preschoolers will learn about primary colors first and then will begin to learn which primary colors can be combined to make other colors.  The primary colors include yellow, blue, and red.  Some secondary colors are used by combining two primary colors.  For example:  yellow and blue make green, yellow and red make orange, and red and blue make purple.
  2. Shapes – Preschoolers will typically learn about basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, as well as hearts, stars, and diamonds.  They will be taught to name them, draw them, and different ways they are used daily.
  3. Letters and Numbers – Most kindergartens prefer that their incoming students know their alphabet and numbers up to ten.  Most preschoolers will learn to sing the alphabet song, pick out letters, and begin to put letters together to spell small words.  They will also be taught to count to ten and pick out numbers.
  4. Fine Motor Skills – Preschoolers will learn how to use crayons, pencils, scissors, as well as other instruments.  They will also learn how to stack items, build things with their hands, jump on one leg, and some may even learn basic tumbling skills.  This helps to isolate and refine their fine motor skills.
  5. Memory and Thinking Skills – Most preschoolers enjoy playing the game Memory or matching items and they never realize that they are actually building their memory and thinking skills at the same time.  The game Memory can be played with anything as long as there is a match.  Preschoolers will also learn about patterns, differences, and groups of like items.  These types of games can be played anywhere with almost any set of items.

Many children pick up on a lot of the above items through everyday interactions with adults and other children but if you want to give your child a head start you can make put together your own study guides, games, and teaching supplies to work on these subjects.  Not only can this help your child excel in school it can also give you and your child quality time together.

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