Working Moms and Love

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As if being a working mother isn’t hard enough, you have a love life to maintain too. And no, it’s not okay to put your relationship with your spouse on the back burner. It’s important that you learn how to balance your time between work, your kids and your spouse. If you don’t find this healthy balance, then one of the three will suffer which is not acceptable. Below are a few ways for you to maintain your relationship with your spouse.

Use Technology to Your Advantage. Obviously, you can’t be on the phone with your spouse all the time during the day, but it is important that you keep the lines of communication open. And, now it’s never been easier to do this with the technology today. It’s easy to send a quick text message saying “I Love You” from your phone at any time of the day. You can even use email to communicate during the day as most people have their email accounts integrated into their cell phones.

Set Aside Time for Each Other Each Night. Although nights can be hectic as you’re trying to get dinner ready and the kids put to bed on time, it’s important that you set aside a small bit of time for each other every night. Maybe after the kids are in bed you and your spouse can spend an hour watching a favorite television show together, or maybe you enjoy reading or playing games together. Whatever it is, take the time to enjoy each other’s company alone.

Go on Dates. Just because you’re married and have children does not mean that dating has to stop. Make it a point to go on dates with each other. You may not be able to every week, but you should at least go on two dates a month. And, a date doesn’t necessarily have to be at night either. Consider meeting each other for lunch or taking a day off work to go do something fun together while the kids are in school.

Go to Bed Together. Many working mothers feel like the only way to get everything done is to stay up late while their spouse and kids are in bed sleeping. While you may get a little more done doing this, your love life will be much better if you make it to go to bed at the same time as your spouse…at least on most nights. Plus, we all know that a mother’s work never ends…so, there’s no need to lose sleep over it!

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