Apps that Will Keep You and the Kids Amused

Let’s be honest, we’ve all watched our fair share of Dora the Explorer or played enough games on the iPhone with alphabet lessons in them. Sometimes you honestly just want to play or do something without those cute character voices they love adding in your child’s entertainment.

Instead of resorting to a complete revolt against everything animated or that randomly bursts into song, you can find some neat apps that can actually entertain both you and the kids.

I know what you are thinking, what possibly can this be? Fortunately, for the sanity of every parent out there the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are the perfect solution to repairing your amusement blues.


This game may look like something only your kids would play, but this game is super fun even for the adults. Goop is a game that requires you (oh yea and your kids) to help an adorable family of characters called ‘Eeeps’ across the stage to safety without getting hit by the dangerous dripping goop.

Sounds simple, but the problem is that each of the Eeeps have their own agenda and their own personalities. Time the tumble of your Eeeps wrong and you can get one of the innocent Eeeps hit and the game is over, well until you play again.

This game makes perfect sense for both you and your kids because you don’t necessarily lose, there is nothing to beat but your own best score. This makes this game both the perfect little waiting room addiction for you and the awesome time consumer for your kids. BONUS!


Honestly, who doesn’t like seeing how crazy their own profile can be distorted with the use of a handy and amusing app like the pre-installed Photo Booth app. Open this app up and let your children go wild by adding swirls to their face or squeezing in there cute features until they become almost unrecognizable.
The best part about it is you won’t be able to watch them have all the fun and you can join in the just to find yourself wasting hours away laughing at all the silly photos Photo Booth can create. Best of all, you will have some awesome evidence that they actually at one time enjoyed time with their mother when they get older and forget.


If you child is past the point of phonetically sounding out every sign you pass while driving, then you and your child both will fall in love with Hanging with Friends. This cute game is full of the animation and cute sounds the kids must have, but is perfectly challenging for you as an adult with a full comprehension of the English language.

Hanging with Friends is a glorified hangman game with a few additional features that make it more exciting. In Hanging with Friends you can play against someone in the community or a friend across the city and watch them suffer through guessing your cleverly created word. Unfortunately, they can do the same and if you guess their word wrong, your character’s adorable balloon pops until you fall into the hot lava.

The best part about Hanging with Friends is that it’s a play at your own pace game. There is no need to sit for hours waiting for the other player’s move, simply play when you have a free chance and you will never again find yourself without some sort of entertainment.


No one needs an introduction to the amazing service we call Netflix. All the DVDs and streaming you want for one price, amazing! But what could be better right? How about Netflix in your pocket.

Just think about it. You can make all of those shopping trips that end with crying, snotty noses, and temper tantrums a thing of the past. Simply whip out your secret weapon the Netflix iPhone/iPod touch app at the beginning of the shopping trip and play episode after episode of whatever your kid is in love with these days.

After they’ve had their fun and are napping silently (crossing fingers) then you can snuggle up to a movie of your own or catch up on all of those Desperate Housewives episodes you just can’t stop watching.


Need something a bit more relaxing or more stimulating than a fun game, then curling up to a good book is an always a great option. Stop totting around books for both you and your child, just open your iBooks app and surf the huge library of books to find a title that will entertain both you and your child.
There are just as many titles available for adults as their are for children of all ages, even your teen. Just browse the kids section, find something age appropriate and let your child amuse themselves with the whimsical tales of yet another far away land. When it’s your turn, read about that business you’ve always want to start or even catch up on some of the gossip magazines you swear you never read.

Carole Thompkins is an iPhone-totting mom that writes, a website that focuses on sharing tips, news, and reviews on everything iOS, Mac, and a little bit of Android.

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