The Five Point Checklist For Great Fitting Shapewear

Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of the celebrities out there who regularly wear shapewear to enhance their figure. These celebrities and fashion experts everywhere know the key to looking flawless and glamorous is choosing the right size shapewear for a perfect fit.

If it doesn’t fit you correctly, not only will you not get the support you desire, but you’ll also experience binding, irritation, and discomfort. This article provides a checklist for buying shapewear that fits like a glove and supports better than you ever dreamed possible.

Shapewear Sizing

Shapewear Sizing

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The best way to ensure you’re wearing the right size shapewear is to be professionally measured. When being professionally measured isn’t an option, measure your hips and waist in addition to your bra band and cup size yourself before purchasing shapewear. Then compare your measurements to sizing charts for the best results.

Never assume you wear a size medium just because you wear a size medium top. Since size is crucial to getting the support you desire, taking the time for measurements can mean the difference in a flawless look where no one can tell you’re wearing shapewear or a bulgy mess where your shapewear is obvious to everyone.

It’s also important to remember that going to a smaller size than you actually need won’t provide you with additional support. If extra support is your main concern, it’s always better to stick with the correct size in a higher control level instead of wearing too-small shapewear.

1. Does The Waist Stay In Place?

After putting on your shapewear, sit, bend over, twist, raise your arms, and move around as you normally would during the day to check the waist. If it shifts in the waist and doesn’t stay in place, you probably need either a size larger or a size smaller.

2. Do The Legs Bind?

After moving around to check the waist placement of your shapewear, it’s time to check the legs. Kneel, sit, and cross your legs to check for cutting, pinching, or binding into your leg. If you’re experiencing any leg binding, pinching, or cutting, consider a different size or look for a shaper with a longer leg length.

3. Is The Crotch Comfortable?

Next, check the crotch when evaluating the fit of your shapewear. If the crotch sits too high and tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable wearing it and will have problems with pinching and binding. If the crotch sits too low, you’ll likely experience irritation from rubbing. You may also find walking around is a little uncomfortable. You always want the crotch of your shapewear to land comfortably in the right place.

4. Is The Torso Smooth?

Take a look at the torso of your shapewear. If you see bulges, pulling, or wrinkles, you have a problem. If the bulges and wrinkles are across the torso, you probably need a smaller size or a shorter length. If you see pulling or bulges peeking out from the top, you probably need a larger or taller size.

5. Do You See Any Rolling Edges?

If you notice any rolling edges in the legs, waist, or bust of your shapewear, it’s probably time to buy a new one. Rolling indicates the support is breaking down. There isn’t a good remedy for repairing shapewear that has begun to roll at the edges. The best solution is purchasing a new one.

Shapewear Fitting Overview

The following guidelines will help you know for sure whether you’re wearing the perfect size shapewear.

* It compresses,controls and supports your problem areas while still being comfortable to wear

* You don’t see any bumps, wrinkles, bulges, or pulling across your torso, hips, or thighs of your shapewear or at the edges.

* It stays put no matter how you move around

* You don’t notice the bands rolling or moving out of place

* It gives you a gorgeous shape without the feel of cutting off your circulation

By evaluating the fit of your shapewear, you’re sure to get the support you desire while looking just as gorgeous as Jessica, Gwyneth, and Oprah do every day.


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Cindy Prosser is a former underwear model turned freelance writer and mom. She’s a recent "convert" to good-fitting shapewear, which helped her renew her feeling of beauty. She’s working to spread the “good-fit = beautiful” message for

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