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Control the Urge for a Midnight Binge

Control the Urge for a Midnight Binge

You think before what you eat, resist all those tempting dishes which have calories in them, hardly eat out with friends and above all this you regularly hit hard at those steppers, treadmills at your gym. Even after all this hard work , your favorite old black dress is too small for you! Still those extra kilos are not getting off you.

What could be the reason? Think! It could be your late night eating.

Yes those crunchy snacks which you eat at night could lead to weight gain. Human body’s metabolism system tends to slow down at night so instead of breaking down the intake, food it converts it into fat. So giving up the late night eating habit can lead to achieve your goal of weight loss faster.

Control the urge for a midnight binge

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Here are some tips which will help you to resist that late night bingeing:

Eat to the Fullest

Eat correctly and complete in the day. Do not starve yourself. Include food like salads, nuts and other low fat foods in your diet. Increase the number of meals you take in a day. This will give you the feeling of being fuller for long period of time and will suppress your appetite. In your dinner eat a complete meal so that you do not feel hungry again later.

Brush Your Teeth after the dinner

It is a funny trick but it works. Brushing your teeth two hours after the dinner will help to suppress the hunger feeling. Also you do not want to eat anything after you have brushed your teethes.

Stay away from those Temptations

If you are going for a walk or a drive after the dinner then avoid passing from your favourite ice cream parlor, coffee shops. Make an effort to resist all those temptations.

Call a Friend to avoid distraction

If you are tempted to eat, try to distract your attention by diverting your mind. Make a call to a friend, watch television. You can also indulge in different things like discussing the day with your husband, playing with your kids.

Try to curb eating with healthy alternatives

While watching television, the mind generally wanders and looks out for food and you run towards that chocolate cake kept in the kitchen. Resist that temptation by eating a healthy alternative like sip on some green tea or eat a stick of carrot. Try to avoid eating while you are watching TV or reading an interesting magazine. As you always tends to eat more than require while being engrossed in reading and TV.

Opt for fluid solution

If you are not able to fight your temptations than, drink something. You can have drinks like herbal tea, water, unsweetened fruit juice and milk. These will drive those hunger pangs away.

Sleep on Time

Try to sleep on time, as staying up late takes up the energy. As a result the body will crave for food. Go to bed and sleep on time so that your mind also goes off to sleep and the food you had in your dinner is digested properly.

Try theses tips to resist late night binging and achieve your weight loss goal.

About the author: Catherine Jones writes for http://www.toyotaplace.com. She enjoys content and writing about the social sphere.

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