The Best Gadgets to Keep Your Children Entertained in the Car

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We have all been there; the horrendous journey with children in the back who will not stop fighting or complaining. And although I am a fan of old fashioned games in the car, they are sometimes not enough. I have to admit; sometimes all that will keep the little terrors quiet is some form of technical gadget. So here goes; something old, something new keeping your kids smiling all journey through.

DVD player

What an invention! Imagine being able to strap a little TV device to the back of your seat, leaving the little loved ones quiet in the back. If you make sure to bring a small selection of films that will suit all your children, you may be in for a few hours of quiet driving.  There are endless hours of fun in films and with headphones you’ll be spared the dialogue yourself and can turn on what you want on the radio. The newest is Disney Pixars Cars portable DVD player; surely there is nothing better than watching Cars for the millionth time on a Car DVD player. There’s also a Hello Kitty one for the girls.

The LeapFrog Leapster

This is a gaming device for your preschool children that’ll actually teach them something. It’s a perfect time consuming gadget that every parent/child must have. It has a library with over 30 different learning games and you can find even more online. It is all centred around learning skills they will need at school. There are special games for language, maths, science etc.  Not only will your children be occupied, but they might even learn something.

Nintendo DS                                                                          

Oh yeah! Nintendo DS. Good old Nintendo always deliver. This is for the older kids in the car (no, I do not mean daddy), and requires slightly higher gaming skills than the LeapFrog Leapster. There are a multitude of games to choose from so your children are guaranteed to find something they enjoy. You can also play educational games on the Nindento DS, which allow your older children to learn something too.


Vtech Kidizoom Digital Camera

What child doesn’t like taking photos? With this tough child friendly camera your little ones can document the scenery, or each other, from the backseat. Your kids can take photos, edit them, take videos and play games. Perfect for those children that always want to use your camera; now they can document what they like without taking up space on your memory card or breaking your buttons.


For those of you who have an Iphone, this might be the time to lend it to your young hopeful ones. They will find endless fun playing games like angry bird or harbour master. Also, if you don’t normally lend them your phone, they will be pleased just to have a new thing to fiddle with. The Iphone has so many apps that there are bound to be something there for everyone.

Ipod/ Mp3 player

Any music device will be a winner. Most children like to listen to either music or perhaps download some books onto the mp3 player, leaving your child able to ‘read’ without getting carsick.

Pen and Paper

There is a lot to be said for the good old pen and paper. Bring some crayons for colouring and a wad of paper for various activities. One of my brother and mine favourite games as a child when in the car was just simply counting car colours. You pick a colour (or a car make/model) each, and then you see who first get to a set number. I can’t remember who used to win, but I do remember it passing time whilst driving on endless car holidays.

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