10 Places You Don’t Want To Visit

There are some places you must totally avoid going anywhere near on your holidays, so be sure to thoroughly do your research. Check and double check before you travel! I know it’s tempting to just book the first place you see that comes in to your price range because there are 3 photo’s which make it look quite nice but you should always be patient and check other people’s reviews of the place first. You could otherwise end up residing somewhere not too dissimilar looking to that of a slum!

So I have to stress that it is worthwhile surfing the net and being thorough when making your travel plans. I always make sure that I book advance train tickets even if I’m not travelling very far as I like to pick my own seat! There is nothing worse then ending up ion a drafty section of the train or right next to the toilet. So you can imagineTrust me, you don’t want to be stuck somewhere like some of these places below!







I really feel sorry for some of these people who actually have to live in these disgusting places. They have no choice in the matter as everything is dictated by cold hard cash and dodgy dealings. You don’t have cash and you can never have a better life. Of course, governments could do more to help change these places but we too have our part to play in this as we do nothing either!

If some of us were to pluck up the courage to go to these awful places, more money would enter the economy there, so in theory this should improve the area. But of course it doesn’t always happen like that! Corrupt Governments and Gangs with guns always seem to end up with the money instead. So for the moment, I think most of these places would be better off looked at from a distance, mainly because they are just too dangerous for our health, in more ways than one.

But spare a thought for the unfortunate ones that have no option, but to carry on living there.

So here are the 10 places you don’t want to visit…

Caracas, Venezuela




Crime Capital of the world. Caracas in Venezuela is made up of mostly slums which spawn violent crime. Over 4,000 murders took place here in 2006, which equates to 130 for every 100,000 residents. No wonder it’s the murder capital of the World!

Fukashima, Japan




I think visiting this part of Japan so soon after the natural disasters and radiation leaks from the nearby Nuclear reactor is probably not a good idea. Unless of course you want to suffer a horrible agonising death from radiation poisoning!


Favelas, Brazil




There are over 350 of these village or town like slums in Brazil. Many of them within Rio’s city limits and they are often run by Drug Lords and Gangs. Far too dangerous for us average holiday makers!

Derweze, Turkmenistan







Nicknamed the Door To Hell, scientist’s thought it would be a good idea to set fire to the gases present in this cavern they had unearthed whilst drilling. They were hoping it would burn out quickly. Oh how wrong they were…


Chernobyl, Ukraine





After the disaster at Chernobyl, few people venture here. Well only some strange people that still  insist on living here and maybe a few animals but we’ve all seen the after effects. So I don’t know anyone in their right mind that would want to set foot in this exclusion zone!


Shanxi Province, China




With thick, choking coal smog everywhere and water pollution levels off the scale, nearby coal Industries seem to get away with almost everything here. The rivers are full of tar and the fish don’t even last long, never mind the humans! What a horrid place to visit….

Cite Soleil, Haiti




Haiti was one of the poorest nations on the planet, even before it’s natural disasters struck. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like living here. Even with all the aid sent by other countries recently, it has had little impact on their lives.Think it’s another place that I will give a miss!

Haina, Dominican Republic




Well what about a lovely trip to the seaside….or not! The beach at Haina in the Dominican Republic, is strewn with rubbish and god knows what else lurks in the water, with all the large battery manufacturers nearby. Not a nice place to soak up the rays!





This war torn city wouldn’t be my first or last choice for a holiday, especially not with the Israeli Air Force bombing the hell out of it every 5 minutes! Move on…

Kingston, Jamaica





After watching a documentary with Ross Kemp on Jamaican Gangs in Kingston, no way will I be venturing over there. With Gangs on every street carrying guns and constantly killing each other in revenge attacks,this is not my idea of fun! Not a place to be when darkness falls…

Hope you enjoyed these places to avoid visiting on your jolly holidays!


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