Solar Fountains: Good for the Environment and Good for the Home

Solar Fountains: Good for the Environment and Good for the Home


Fountains are some of the most elegant outdoor accessories you can place around the home. They’re pleasing to the eye, soothing to the ears, and help create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation in your backyard. But you know what’s even better than your standard outdoor fountain? A solar fountain. Affordable and decorative, they’re good for the environment and good for the home. Here’s a look at the major types of solar fountains to help you figure out which one is right for your home.



       Birdbaths have been a popular home accessory for years, and with solar technology they’ve been brought into the 21st century. Solar birdbaths are a great way to help out the environment, the animals, and the look of your home – all in one product! You may be wondering why you’d need solar power with a birdbath. These products use solar power to run the fountain head in the center. Water sprays out of it and falls into the basin below. This movement of water attracts more birds to it, letting you enjoy their pleasant chirps and playful nature more than with standard birdbaths.



       If you’re looking for something a little fancier for your home, a tiered solar fountain makes a fine choice. Most of these models sport the standard birdbath design with a wide basin on a pedestal and another smaller bowl on top of that. Water sprays out of the top bowl, falling down the sides to the basin below, giving you the smooth sound of running water all day long. You can also find some with different designs, such as Roman urns and cascading bowls, which lend a very decorative look to any outdoor space.  



       If you want to enjoy a solar fountain but don’t want to sacrifice the space a birdbath or tiered model requires, a tabletop solar fountain is the way to go. These models are small enough to fit on a patio table, next to some flower pots, or by the patio door and still give you a great water feature to enjoy. The solar panel usually sits outside the fountain on these, so you can have your water feature up on the patio in the shade but the solar panel out in the sun so it still runs. They’re perfect for places like apartment balconies where space is at a premium. 


And as a bonus tip…


Backup Battery

       A backup battery is one of the smartest investments you can make with a solar fountain. Solar fountains need sunlight to operate, so if it gets too cloudy out or it’s nighttime, you might not be able to fully enjoy your fountain. A backup battery eliminates that by storing the sun’s power all day so your fountain can keep running no matter what. Some fountains come with these, but if yours didn’t, don’t worry – they’re very popular and easy to find. 


The next time you think of adding a water feature to your home, consider a solar fountain. They’re eco-friendly and look great, two things important to every homeowner. Keep this info in mind and you’ll have the perfect solar fountain for your home in no time!


About The Author – Janel Eichhorn is a writer with Outdoor Living. She enjoys green living, playing with her cats, and messing around with Photoshop. For more on products like a solar bird bath, solar fountain kit, gas fire pit, decorative planter, or bamboo wind chime, visit



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