3 Tips on How to Reduce Belly Fat After C-Section

Losing belly fat after pregnancy can be a real challenge for most mothers. This is especially true if you have had a c-section delivery since it takes longer time to heal from the surgery.

Nevertheless, there are things you can start doing slowly and steadily to get back in shape. Here are 3 tips on how to lose belly fat after c-section.

1. Regular Exercise

It’s important to give your incision proper time to heal after having a c-section. But once you get the go ahead from your doctor, you’ll need to start up a daily exercise routine. Taking a 20-minute walk at least three times a week is a great way to get your body used to physical activity again. Walking can improve circulation and speed up recovery time. Many new moms enjoy taking their babies along and get additional exercise from pushing the stroller on walks close to home.

As you regain your stamina, increase your walking time, frequency and intensity. When you are fitter and stronger, then consider doing more vigorous exercise. Remember, c-section is a major surgery so start and progress slowly with your exercise routine.

2. Eating Healthy

You just spent nine months eating for two so you are accustomed to eating larger portions and to giving into food cravings more readily. But if you are serious about losing belly fat after c-section, you’ll need to reduce your calorie intake and go back to “eating for one” mode.

If you had been binging on sweets during your pregnancy, it’s time to break your addiction to them. Cut out sugary and junk foods, and replace them with healthy, whole foods.

Choose lean meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and seeds. They are high in protein, fiber and healthy fats to curb cravings and hunger. You feel more satiated and are less likely to overeat.

3. Breastfeeding

Women who breastfeed their babies may have a much better chance of losing weight. It is claimed that breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories per day. This can make a big difference for a new mom who is recovering from a c-section surgery and can’t start exercising yet.

While you are eager to lose belly fat and fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans, you must avoid doing too much too soon. Your body needs time to heal naturally following a c-section delivery. You don’t want to cause injury or complications that can slow down your recovery and weight loss.

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  1. Eating healthy and regular exercise is a big factor in maintaining body size. For me, in addition to your great tips I would recommend to get complete sleep and avoid stress.