Glandular Harmony for Women Guarantees Health

The five master endocrine glands in women namely, the pineal, thyroid, adrenal, pancreas and the ovaries, are interconnected and impact every bodily function. If one becomes sluggish or overactive, health concerns quickly set in. Low energy is not a part of being a woman. Instead it can signal a glandular glitch. Read on to pinpoint the source of sluggishness – and their fixes!

1. Pineal

If you often have trouble falling or staying asleep, or your fatigue peaks in the afternoon, or struggle with moods of feeling blue, then your pineal gland may be sluggish. This gland regulates melatonin, the hormone that governs mood and alertness. Giving this gland some TLC can banish sleep problems within 48 hours.


Get 30 minutes of A.M. sun. That’s all it takes to ‘wake up’ the pineal gland so it produces the optimal amount of melatonin for daytime energy and nighttime sleep.

Supplement with melatonin. Doing so 30 minutes before bedtime boosts stores of this hormone, helping you drift off to sleep faster.

2. Thyroid

Glandular Harmony for Women Guarantees Health

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If you have trouble losing weight even when dieting, or struggle with digestive problems or allergies, or are unfocused and forgetful, then you may be among millions of women with a sluggish thyroid gland. This slowdown is the number one cause of stubborn weight problems.


Take a multi-vitamin daily. Boost your tissues with vitamins A and E, magnesium, copper, zinc and selenium. These nutrients help the thyroid to function properly.

Don’t forget your protein. The study-proven dose is one serving of protein per carb-containing meal (such as 8 oz. of yogurt, one egg, or 4oz. of meat, fish or poultry).

3. Pancreas

If you crave sweets yet eating them makes you sleepy, or get frequent vaginal or gum infections, or are prone to overeating and bingeing, then your pancreas may be overworked. Blood sugar levels become erratic which triggers food cravings, mood swings and fatigue.


Eat fruit at every meal. Three servings daily improves insulin sensitivity and cuts strain on the pancreas. This reduces fatigue symptoms by 50%.

Drink more fluids. Phenolics and other antioxidants in coffee, tea, wine, milk and grape juice, lower risk of blood sugar problems. Don’t forget the healthiest fluid of all, water.

4. Adrenals

If you need steady doses of caffeine to keep going, or find it hard to relax, or take a long time to recover from illness, then your adrenals may be exhausted. When stress is chronic, adrenals can’t keep up with the demand.


Supplement with vitamin B5. Taking 10 mg. daily can restock your adrenaline supply to reduce feelings of stress and fatigue in just a week.

Zone out; Take a catnap or do deep-breathing exercises, whatever makes you feel calm. Carve 20 minutes from your day to take a break from the frenzy.

5. Ovaries

If your periods are heavy and/or close together, or have oily acne-prone skin, then your ovaries may be overactive. As the body ages, these glands’ ability to regulate the levels of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in your body wanes. This can cause menstrual problems and mood swings.


Add soy to the menu. Soy’s gentle plant estrogen prevents the stronger natural estrogens from triggering symptoms. Enjoy a cup of soy milk or cubed tofu daily to ease PMS in 2 months.

Enjoy sugar-free treats. This helps lower the body’s production of insulin which stimulates the ovaries to overproduce testosterone. Ease your mood swings and other menstrual woes within 3 months.

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