5 Tips for Dressing your Child from Day 1

It’s something not often spoken about – except in circles where new mothers can vent their frustrations and seek advice from others going through the same thing. It seems like a small issue, but it’s not really. It seems like an easy issue, but it has its moments. It seems like something you should be able to beat – but you’re tired. Is it getting into shape, out of maternity wear, feeding, sleeping? No?

What is it? Getting your little, tiny, no-trouble baby dressed in the morning!

When babies are first born, they don’t move around a great deal. So they should be easy to dress. But with tiny little arms, fingers that bend too easily, necks that need support, and nappies that seem impossibly big for the pants they are going into, it really isn’t just that easy.

As your baby grows, and starts to wriggle and giggle, and look forward to any opportunity to crawl around without a stitch on, it gets even more difficult. And by the time they can walk, you better be prepared to chase your nappiless baby around the living room as they try desperately to enjoy the freedom and escape your grasp.

So what are they not telling you? There must be a way! At the end of the day, it is really an individual thing, but you will develop certain techniques that work, brands you like and tricks you can play, to keep the bub occupied while you slip their shoes on!


5 Tips for Dressing your Child from Day 1

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The first thing to note is that just because your baby is new, it doesn’t mean they necessarily fit into the 0000 size, or even the 0. Babies, like everyone, come in different shapes, sizes and lengths. Try a few sizes until you find something that is easy to get on the baby – and that looks fitted when they are in it. Remember that like any clothing, different brands offer different standard sizes, so try to get a few brands you are happy with.


Often new parents over-worry when it comes to their new babies – especially when it is their first baby. One of the big things is always ensuring your child is warm enough so they don’t end up unwell. But don’t go overboard. Remember when clothing your baby that often, if you’re not inside, the baby will be in a cot or pram and covered with blankets or clinging closely to you, sharing your warmth. Don’t panic, and don’t overheat the baby by piling layers on!


There are a myriad of children’s clothing brands, from top of the line like Osh Kosh, right down to the clothing you can get at department stores. Forget the brand – find something firstly that fits your baby, and secondly, that has quality fabric that will be soft on your baby’s sensitive skin.

How to dress them

Now the tricky bit – getting them dressed. The best thing to remember is babies – especially the new ones – need support, so practice this when dressing them. To get jackets and shirts on, put your hand right up the sleeve and then find baby’s arm and pull it gently through. Repeat the same with the pants legs. For the neck, support underneath with one arm or a hard surface, and gently thread over the head.

What to avoid

There are a number of clothing items that will only make your job harder! Avoid items like shirts or jumpsuits that have snap buttons on the back as baby will have to sleep on them, and forget about shoes when little as they are unnecessary, and try tighter shoes as they grow so they can’t pull them off.

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