9 Ways To Fight With PMS Successfully!

You are a woman and you are feeling frustrated; annoyed most of the times; want to stay away from the world; your performance is hurting; have you ever thought, what is the reason behind all these emotions that appear during specific days of a month? If you notice, those irritating days are prior to menstruation and you might be familiar with a term, Pre Menstrual Syndrome or PMS. Being a woman, you have to live with menstruation and the hurting symptoms that accompany it every month. The only option left is to cope with the situation boldly and wisely. Look at your HGH hormone level; sometimes it also affects the menstruation. In this article, you will come to know simple and possible ways to bring hormonal balance and to lower the suffering that PMS brings with it.

1.      Accept The Reality

You are a woman and you should accept the reality. Your menstruation shows your reproductive strength and that is why a woman is considered “Woman.” You will feel enjoying your feminine power rather annoying, after you accept the natural happening or menstruation.

2.      Your food may be the real culprit

Your PMS may aggravate, if your food contains vegetable oils, stimulants, trans fats, soy products, and other junk items. These foods are the real problem causing agents for human health, particularly for the hormonal health of women.

3.      Diet Compulsions

For balancing hormones, your diet should comprise of fish oils, natural butter, coconut products, fresh fruits, and vegetables. It might be amazing for you, that women, who do not eat gluten-containing grains, like wheat, see improvement in their pre menstrual syndrome.

4.      Think Twice For Dairy Products

If you say milk, ice cream, and cottage cheese are good for health then reverse your thinking, these are not good for women health, particularly the hormonal health. Packed milk comes from cows that are treated with antibiotics and Bovine Growth Hormone; both greatly affect the hormonal health of women. However, organic dairy products are safe to consume, if these are bought from small independent producers.

5.      Stop Using Processed Oils

Processed oils are rich in chemicals that disturb the regular production of hormones inside women’s body. Instead use animal fats (only healthful), extra virgin olive oil, and sour cream.

6.      Tea, Coffee, Soft Drink – Addiction Is Always Bad

These foods make the adrenal glands over performing; therefore, affect the hormonal health. Prefer pure water that naturally removes the inflammation and other disorders in women, while making menstruation, a smooth cycle.

7.      Exposure To Natural Light – Its Important

Being a woman, you can achieve the hormonal balance through exposure to natural light (that carries all the colors of spectrum). You will feel happier even in the worst days of pre menstruation.

8.      Relax your body through exercising

It is a proven fact that Yoga, meditation, and Tai Chai lower the symptoms of PMS. Choose any one exercise that works for your body and do that on regular basis. You will see remarkable difference in your hormonal health.

9.      Look For Alternative Options

If you are interested, then there is also more to explore regarding healing arts, like acupuncture, homeopathy, massage therapy, ayurveda, natural HGH therapy, and reflexology. Women have been using these treatment methods (other than HGH therapy) since centuries for hormonal problems and other feminine issues.

Menstruation does not mean to suffer, it is your strength, a source of energy, a life; and being a woman, you should feel proud of all these attributes. Accept it openly, but deal with it rightly; that is what required for minimizing the PMS symptoms. Living happier and healthier means nothing can defeat you, but you are defeating PMS successfully.

Stay happy and healthy forever!

Author Bio:

Aimee Sparker a health professional working for Nationwide Synergy and to aware men and women about their senior health issues.

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