8 Safety Tips You Should Teach Your Children

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There are a few safety tips that you should teach your children.  Being aware of strangers danger, knowing how to act around water and watching out for strange dogs are just a few of the things you should teach your children. It is important that your children learn how to keep safe.  Protect your family and install security doors and security screens.

Safety around Water

Unfortunately every year many children drown.  It is extremely important that your children learn how to swim and that they are aware of the dangers of swimming.  Make sure that they are always supervised when they are around water, even when they are in the bath.  Teach your children the dangers of swimming at the beach in regards to rips and tides and make sure they understand that swimming in rivers has its hazards too.

Strangers at the Door

Children should be taught that they are not to open the door to anyway, just in case.  If you have a security door then they can open the front door while keeping the security door still locked, but only explain this to children who are old enough to understand properly what you mean.

Stranger Danger

Children should be taught from an early age that they are not to trust strangers.  Explain to them without frightening them about how they should not get into a car or go home with anyone they don’t know.  They should not accept any food or drink from someone they don’t know either.

Fire Safety

Your children should know what to do in case of a house fire.  Practice how they will escape, tell them that they must keep low to the ground and crawl their way to safety.  Explain that the front door might not be the only way out and that they should head to the closest exit, even if it means getting out through the window.  Have a point on the street where you would assemble in case of a fire.


Keeping poisons and medicines out of reach is the safest option but you also need to explain to children once they are old enough the dangers of poisons and that they should never take any medicine or medication that isn’t there’s nor should they help themselves to anything.

Careful Crossing the Road

Being careful when crossing the road is something that is discussed in pre-schools and primary schools but you can reinforce this when you are out with your child.  Make sure you hold their hand, stop and look for traffic and then cross.  If there is a crossing make sure you always use this.

Careful Around Strange Dogs

Even if you have dogs yourself and even if your children are used to dogs you must explain to them that you can’t always expect dogs to be well tempered.  Children must never touch an animal they don’t know in case it bites and if you do see a dog ask the owner if you can pat it before you go to touch it.


It is a terrible thought but children do die due to strangulation.  Make sure that your children understand they should never put anything around the necks.  Also keep your children safe by making sure curtain cords are tied up out of reach and that there are no other cords or ropes hanging where they can hurt themselves.

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