Crafts By Season


Snowy Necklace

Materials Needed:

  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Necklace Wire
  • Bead (White, Blue and Clear)

The first step is to make a snowflake pendant by bending the wire in a small circle (about the size of a dime) and loosely string beads on it. Then, twist the ring shut. You will have a small ring of beads that will still allow beads room to slide (it shouldn’t be “tight”).

Next, attach about eight pieces of the necklace wire in between the beads (try to make them evenly spaced). The pieces of wire should only be about 2 inches long.

Place beads on each piece of wire with about 3/16 of an inch left at the end of each wire. Use the needle nose pliers to fold the 3/16 inch piece in a small loop that will keep the beads from falling off. Finally, decide where you want the top of your beaded snowflake to be and make sure the small loop is big enough for a piece of necklace wire to go through it.

Finally, put the necklace wire through the top of your beaded snowflake and string more beads on each side. When you are finished, twist the wire at the top of the necklace and attach the necklace clasp to complete the piece of jewelry.


Decorative Door Hanger

Materials Needed:

Green Pipe Cleaners

  • Metal Coat Hanger
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flowers (may be dried, tissue made flowers, construction paper flowers, etc.)


Take the metal hanger and form the triangular part into the shape of a diamond, leaving the hook alone. Then wrap the diamond part in green pipe cleaner. Finally, glue the flowers onto the pipe cleaner and hand on the door when finished.


Hanging Tea Lights for the Garden

Materials Needed:

  • Little glass jars (baby food jars work perfectly)
  • Tealight candles
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Thin wire
  • Beads


Bend a ring of wire around the top rim of a jar and then remove it. String beads on the wire ring and then place loosely around the jar. You can close the ring with the needle nose pliers if needed. Next, take two pieces of wire and attach to the beaded ring with the pliers as these are the candle “hangers.” Place more beads on each piece of wire and complete by forming the wire into to hooks at the end. Tighten up the beaded ring if necessary and take a tealight and place in the jar to complete the candle.


Fall Placemat

Materials Needed:

  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Fall Leaves, pressed and dried
  • White glue/Decoupage medium
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Stiff bristled paint brush (small)


Pick a colored piece of construction paper that will look nice up against your colored leaves. On each leaf, carefully brush the decoupage medium/glue on each leaf and put it on top of the construction paper. Next, use the glue or decoupage to smooth the leaves in place (put it on top of the leaf this time). Finally, cover the top of your leaves with clear contact paper and then flip it over and cover the backside of the construction paper with clear contact paper. Trim to make even and you’ll be left with a beautiful fall placemat.


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