Paper Crafts for Kids

photo credit: Leeny

There are a ton of crafts that can be done using the various types of paper such as magazine paper, newspaper, tissue paper, construction paper, etc. Below are a few paper craft ideas for kids to get you started!


Items needed:

  • Paper (any kind)
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Take one rectangular piece of paper and fold it in half lengthwise.
  • About ¼ to ½ inches apart, cut slits along the fold. Stop about a ½ inch from the top edge.
  • Unfold the paper and turn sideways.
  • Attach the short ends of the rectangle by curving the cut paper around and gluing.
  • Make a handle by taking a strip of paper and gluing each end across the top.

Bagged Fun

Paper bags are so easy to have fun with, especially when making crafts. Below are a few ideas:

  • Gift Bags – Create a nice gift bag for one of your friends or co-workers by using stamps, stencils or paints to create a unique design on the outside of a paper bag.
  • Hand Puppets – Take a paper bag and lay it down with the flap side facing up. Then, use cut outs and other craft items (feathers, beads, buttons, eyes, markers, etc.) to create a face and you’ve got a hand puppet!
  • Luminary – Take a paper bag and cut out various designs by using various types of hole punches. Open the bag and place a layer (about an inch) of sand in it. Next, place a tea light or votive candle in the middle of the bag (away from the sides) and light it. These should be used outdoors away from foliage.

Paper House

You’ll have to get ideas off the internet or at the library for a suitable paper house template. Once you find one you like, print it off on your preferred type of paper. You can color the various parts of the house if you want before you assemble it. When you’re ready, cut out the template and begin folding along the dotted lines and gluing the tabs together. When you’re finished, you’ll have a constructed paper house!

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