Toddler Craft Ideas

The problem many people think about when trying to come up with toddler craft ideas is that they make them too difficult. Toddlers are easy to please as long as the craft is fun. Therefore, enjoy the simple toddler craft ideas to ensure everyone has a great time!

1.      Pizza

All kids enjoy learning about food. Therefore, why not help your toddlers make their very own foam pizza? This is a simple craft that anyone can do (with a little supervision).

Materials Needed:

  • Brown, Green, Red and Yellow Craft Foam
  • Scissors (for adult use only)
  • White Paper Plate
  • Glue


The paper plate is going to be the crust of the pizza, so you will need to cut a red foam circle to lay on top of the paper plate for the pizza sauce. Using the other colors of the foam, cut different shapes for the pizza toppings. Let your toddler help you decide which toppings to make for the pizza. With your help, your toddler can glue the sauce to the plate and the toppings on top to complete the pizza. Or you can save the pieces and let your toddler remake the pizza whenever he/she wants if you choose not to glue.

2.      Colored Sand Pictures

You may be worried that your little one is too young to play with sand, so this craft eliminates this worry. Instead of using sand, take cereals such as fruity pebbles and separate the colored pieces into groups…then crush each group and place in a separate bowl. (This is your sand) Next, on a piece of construction paper, help your toddler make different designs with glue. Finally, allow your toddler to grab different colors of the “sand” and put on the paper. Shake off the excess and you’ve got a colored sand picture!

3.      Colorful Butterflies

Materials Needed:

  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Tissue Paper (Assorted Colors)


Using the colored tissue paper, cut various colors of rectangles out. Then, help your toddler layer the colored tissue paper and take a long pipe cleaner to wrap around the center of the rectangles. (It will look like “U” going around the tissue paper) Then, at the top, twist the pipe cleaner ends together until the tissue paper begins to bunch together. You’ll have a colorful butterfly complete with a body and little antennae!

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  1. I love the sand picture idea – I’m going to try that out on this long weekend – thanks!