3 Tips for Throwing a Kid-Friendly Halloween Party

Want your next Halloween Party to be kid-friendly, safe, and fun for the entire family? Even if you’re really busy or on a tight budget, there are some easy ways to guarantee your next Halloween Party will be a spook-tacular success!

  • Serve Yummy Treats – You might be surprised to find out that Halloween doesn’t always have to be about satisfying a sweet tooth. From “boo-logna and cheese” and “carrot-fingers” to “sand-witches” and “tombstone pizza,” you can use puns to turn almost any dish into a Halloween Treat that will be “gobblin-ed” up by your kids. For some healthy Halloween recipes that your kids will love, justclick here for some great ideas.
  • Play Silly Games – For an easy game that’s inexpensive, requires little clean-up, and will get all your friends and family involved, try playing “Mummy Races.” You play by first splitting everyone up evenly into small groups. Ask each group to decide who their “mummy” will be. When everyone has chosen a mummy, give each group 1 roll of toilet paper, and explain that the first group to wrap their mummy wins. Once everyone has wrapped their mummy, assign “bone-us” points to the group who puts all of their mummy-wrappings in the trash bag first. For more Halloween game ideas, visit Disney’s Family Fun Page
  • Add Fun Tricks – Nothing captures the fun and mystery of Halloween better than a magic show. Hiring a professional children’s magician means that you’ll be able to sit-back, relax and enjoy the show with those who matter most… your family and friends. So dazzle and delight your family and guests by arranging an appearance by a professional children’s magician today. Click this link to find New York Magicians for kids. .

Evan Paquette is a professional New York Children’s Magician. He specializes in customizing magic shows for kids and families across NYC. For more information, visit
Magic Evan’s Website

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