6 Reasons to Wear a Baby Sling

Cradle Hold using Baby Ring Sling

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Baby slings are getting more and more popular with moms all around the world. Not only are they comfortable and practical but they have also become very stylish, as baby clothes and accessories designers are putting their special touch to the time-honored baby carrier. Need tips to get started or become an expert baby-slinger? Look no further and read our post!

1.  Breastfeed Discreetly

A baby sling is great to breastfeed in public or while you’re getting busy around the house. You baby is comfortably tucked to your chest and you can simply open up your top and bra for a quick access to your nipple. If you’re in public, the sling will hide most of your uncovered skin.

2. Do Other Things

A baby sling is great because it frees at least one hand, and usually both. You can cook, take care of older children, clean up the house, go shopping or take a walk. It keeps you mobile and able to do other things while still keeping your baby close to you.

3. Help Baby Breastfeed Better

By using a baby sling, you’re actually helping your baby feed better. Some babies are calmer and less wiggly while they’re moving and research has shown that babies who are slow to gain weight do so faster when carried in a baby sling for a few hours every day. It seems that being close to the mother encourages them to eat more.

4.     Reduce Crying and Colic

Some studies carried in the 1980s have shown that carrying babies in a baby slinger for at least 3 hours a day reduces crying 43% during the day and 51% at night. Looking for a way to calm your baby down? Wearing a baby slinger might help you.

5.     Help Babies’ Cognitive and Sensorial Development

While carrying your baby in a sling, he or she is exposed to more conversations, more environments and more experiences than babies who stay in their cribs all day. Help your baby’s mental development by using a baby sling!

6.     Increase Bonding

Keeping your baby close to you throughout the day goes a long way to enhance and promote bonding between parent and child. Bonding is important for both baby and parents and a baby sling can be part of that bonding process. Parents who keep their babies in slings give more touching and feeding than those who don’t. In short, you get to know each other better.

Baby slings are a wonderful and simple way to carry your baby around the house or on the go. There are many types of baby slings to choose from, from the classic pouch sling to more elaborate wraparound slings and hip carriers.

Be sure to follow basic safety precautions when wearing your baby sling. These change with the age of your baby. There are plenty of articles and videos available to help you with these. Your baby shop can also be a great resource for slings, so visit your favourite one today!

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  1. I have three kids, but only the 3rd one I tried charring like this. It was comfortable, but he was bit heavy and my back hurted a lot. So I quit:) But anyway if the baby is less than 3 it is ok I guess:)

  2. Marquitta says:

    I don’t have kids so i did not experience this baby sling..But while i looking at the photo it looks so hard to carry the baby and heavy..