10 Tips to Keep Outdoor Entertaining Fun and Easy

When the weather is nice, outdoor entertaining is the best possible solution to any gathering.  Entertaining family and friends outside during the warm, summer months or crisp cool months of autumn can create memories that will last all through the winter.  In order to make outdoor entertaining fun and easy, here are 10 tips.

Tip #1:  Seating

Just because the event is being held outside does not mean that seating has to be completely casual.  Create seating name cards out of fans to help guests stay cool.

Tip #2: Drinks

On warm summer days, it is often hard to keep drinks cool.  Have brightly colored koozies (can coolers) available around the drink station for guests to use.  Koozies are also good conversation starters if they have interesting logos on them.

Outdoor Entertaining

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Tip #3: Bugs

Outdoor events can become quite annoying when bugs swarm in to enjoy themselves.  Place citronella candles in various locations throughout the area to prevent the bugs.

Tip #4: Setting

If the event is in the evening, put decorative candles on tables to help create a soft ambiance.  If the gathering takes place during the day, table decorations can create eye catching appeal.

Tip #5: Affordable Accessories

Strings of lights for evening parties add to the festivities.  During the day, use balloons, crepe paper, or other brightly colored but cheap decorations to draw attention to the location.

Tip #6: Theme

Make sure all of the decorations go along with the main theme.  Since the location is outside, use natural materials and simple themes.  Baskets can be serving dishes and colorful placemats can be table decorations.

Tip #7: Comfort

Every party planner wants their guests to be comfortable.  Make sure there is adequate comfortable seating for all guests.  Kingsley bate furniture has plenty of options for any patio, deck, or outside location.

Tip #8: Space

Think through the amount of space that is available in the area where the gathering will be held.  If limited, it may be a challenge to fit all of the chairs along with the table, any personal items people bring, coolers and other items.

Tip #9: Keep things cool

Make sure there is enough ice to not only cool beverages and other foods, but to keep those items cool for the duration of the gathering.  The ice will need to be replenished in order to keep the drinks and foods at good temperatures for the entire event.  If it is really hot, also consider setting up fans to cool guests.

Tip #10: Alternative location

Outdoor parties can go downhill fast if rain, wind, or other inclement weather hits.  It is always a good idea to have a back up location in mind.  The party could be saved by erecting a tent, but it may also have to be moved inside.  There are plenty of ways to make an indoor party have an outdoor look, so do not be too discouraged if your outdoor plans get changed because of weather.

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