Learn the Benefits Of Adoption During Adopt-A-Dog Month

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Has your son or daughter ever looked up at you wide-eyed and asked, “Mommy, can I have a dog?” If they have, then you are one of the many parents faced with a very tough decision: Do I acquiesce to my child’s request and take on a brand new challenge? Owning a dog is extremely burdensome, but is also extraordinarily rewarding for you and for your family.

October is Adopt-a-Dog month, so we wanted to take some time to tell you about the benefits of adopting a dog — benefits for you, for your family, for dogs everywhere and for the animal you will be saving.

Adopting a Dog Saves a Life
According to The Humane Society of the United States, millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year. Shelters are forced to put these animals to sleep because there are simply too many animals and too few people willing to adopt. People who work at shelters are faced too often with the excruciating task of making room for the steady flow of animals that are brought to shelters, either by former owners or by other animal rights groups. The number of euthenasias can be lowered significantly if more people go out to their local shelters and rescue these dogs from a terrifying fate.

Adopting a Dog Battles Injustice
There are all sorts of forms of injustice in our world, and one of them involves the existence of “puppy mills,” factory-style breeding systems that treat dogs inhumanely. Puppy mills act like factories for breeders who are interested in mass producing dogs in the cheapest way possible. By adopting from a shelter, you take business away from the breeders who expose dogs to horrifying conditions. By choosing to adopt, you detract from the success of these puppy mills and contribute to a movement aimed at saving future dogs from these insidious factories.

Adopting a Dog Can Change your Life
Many people who adopt dogs find that the addition of this member to the family has markedly changed their quality of life. Imagine knowing that everyday, good or bad, there will be a loyal companion wagging his or her tail at the door awaiting you arrival. In addition, adopting a dog can help those of us who struggle with our weight. Dogs need exercise everyday and can be a great motivation if you want to become healthier. By going on walks or runs with a new exercise companion, you can find new inspiration to get fit, stay fit and be happy.

Adopting a Dog is Cost Efficient
If you have decided to take a dog into your home, then adopting is the most cost efficient way to do so. You will save money by avoiding big name pet store prices and since most dogs come to a shelter already neutered or spayed and previously vaccinated, you will be able to factor out these costs which you would otherwise needed to take into account.

Adopting a Dog can Change a Child’s Life
Many parents struggle with the challenge of teaching their children responsibility. Adopting a dog gives a child the chance to learn, hands-on, what it means to be accountable for the life of another. The relationship between child and dog can be an amazingly powerful bond. Children who have difficulties in social settings can find in their dog a trustworthy confidante. In time, they will be able to use the emotional skills, like compassion, patience and reliability, and discipline developed through having a dog with their family, friends and peers. Without a doubt, your kids will thank you for getting them a dog, but mostly you will thank yourself for choosing to adopt.

This post was written by Erica Moss. Erica is the social media outreach coordinator for the Masters in Nursing online degree program at Georgetown University, which features one of the top rated family nurse practitioner programs. She also loves walking her bulldog Mona, photography and meeting new people.

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