3 Simple and Fun Baby Nursery Ideas

Whether you are preparing to welcome home a brand new baby boy or girl, getting the nursery ready for baby’s arrival is an important task. There are many important elements of baby nursery design which need to be thoroughly considered, including safety, functionality, comfort and design. Here are 3 simple and fun baby nursery ideas to get you started in creating the perfect nursery for your new little bundle of joy.

Baby Boy Nursery

Little boys inevitably learn to love to play with rocket ships, and even today the thought of growing up to be an astronaut holds a certain kind of imaginative fascination. There are a lot of ways you can express an outer space theme throughout a baby boy’s nursery. An added bonus is that this particular design scheme allows for growth as your baby boy’s interests begin to mature. You might take some simple, animated inspiration from Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear for starters. This theme could easily evolve into Star Wars later on down the road. Wall décor centered round different physical aspects of our solar system doubles as an avenue for introducing colors and geometric shapes into your design, which are important elements for baby’s developmental stimuli. Try some patterns on the ceiling with glow in the dark stars for a little extra pizzazz. And mobiles of rocket ships and the planets simply never go out of style.

Baby Girl Nursery

3 Simple and Fun Baby Nursery Ideas

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Lots of soft colors are extremely visually stimulating for baby girls. One easy way to bring this element of color into a baby girl nursery is by going with a simple flower theme throughout your design scheme. Colorful flowers can be brought into this nursery in a variety of ways, such as removable wall paper borders and decals, custom paint designs (on wall or furniture), and wall murals. A floral theme nicely ties into additional accents which little girls love, such as fairies (think Tinkerbell!), butterflies and rainbows. Big, white, poufy clouds on the ceiling add a nice touch to this baby girl nursery theme, and you will find endless options for coordinating furniture, bedding, lamps, etc. This theme evolves easily with your child as she grows up.

Neutral Nursery

Sometimes you might need or want a nursery design that is more neutral. In this case, refer to the classics for your inspiration. ABC’s and 123’s are a quintessential nursery design theme, and you will find dozens of choices in color and style of décor with the basic letter and number theme. Options are available in wall borders and wall art. Consider spelling words out on the baby’s wall, in addition to displaying the entire alphabet. A neutral color scheme should still be in bright, yet soft, colors. Pastel greens, yellows and blues work well for this. Neutral accents to accompany your ABC – 123 theme are abundant, as well. Think in the realm of puppies and kittens, teddy bears, or furry forest critters.

These are just a few baby nursery ideas you might consider in preparing an inviting space for your little one’s arrival.

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  1. my wife and i are starting to discuss what we want for nursery colors.. . We’re thinking maybe a yellow and maroon. she says that that’s not very boyish….but since the baby wont know the difference anyway, i don’t see why it would be an issue….. what do you think. and what Baby Boy Nursery colors would you, are you going to, or did you use?. . . p.s. we don’t want to do blue, just because our room is blue and the rooms are right next to each other..