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Save Money When Buying a Britax Car Seat

Save Money When Buying a Britax Car Seat

When it comes to buying a car seat, your baby’s safety and well being are the crucial factors that should be driving your selection. For most parents, the choice is simple-a Britax car seat. Although Britax car seats are priced on the high side, parents swear by them because they are well designed, well built, and they provide the safety and security demanded by responsible parents. If you’re a new parent, you may not be familiar with the Britax line and the reasons for is predominance in the car seat industry. Britax car seats are the leaders in the field for a number of very good reasons, the most important of which are ease of installation and the baby’s comfort and safety, as described below.

  • Installing a Britax car seat is straightforward. The seat’s angle adjuster makes it possible to fit the seat securely into any vehicle, and an anti-rebound bar eliminates the possibility of the seat being ejected toward the rear of the automobile in the event of a collision. Locks are integrated into the seat to ensure that the locking mechanism cannot become undone or become lost.
  • The baby’s comfort and safety are assured with Britax’s plush padding and harness covers that shield the baby from contact with any abrasive materials. Britax’s sun roof shields the baby from the damaging effects of continuous direct sunlight, and the baby’s head and neck, which are not fully developed in strength, are prevented from being whipped about by the special head support.

Despite the excellent attributes of the Britax car seats, some parents might continue to hesitate to purchase one because of the reality of the Britax’s higher price; but there are some ways for the discriminating shopper to acquire a Britax car seat at less than full price.

  • See if there is a free seat available from a friend or relative who no longer needs one. Many parents simply store their car seat once their baby outgrows it. If it’s not offered for free, it’s possible that it may be available at a bargain price. It’s worth asking.
  • If possible, buy your seat during Britax’s sale season, usually near the end of February. One of their major retailers is Babies R Us. Check them out for specials year round, and especially during February. Check online at Amazon.com for their occasional specials.
  • Check the manufacturer’s website for discount coupons. In the past, savings as high as 30 percent have been offered using manufacturer’s coupons, and shipping is generally included in the reduced price.
  • If the timing of Britax’s yearly sale doesn’t fit with your baby’s immediate needs, consider buying an older model. This is not to suggest buying a very old used car seat, but a new car seat that was unsold during the previous model year. Check retailers as well as the Britax website. Major features usually don’t change significantly from year to year, and you’ll get a new Britax car seat for much less cost.

With luck and a little effort, you can have your baby safely and securely seated in a Britax car seat for much less cost than you originally anticipated.

Amy Brown – Editor of Livesnet providing useful information about baby issues moms encounter in daily life. If you want to know how to obtain the best Britax car seat for your little love, please don’t hesitate to visit Livesnet and read her wonderful reviews on Britax Frontier 85 Car Seat and Britax Roundabout Convertible Car Seat.

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