Unusual Pregnancy Symptoms

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If asked to name 3 pregnancy symptoms I bet that 95% of people would list the following: missed period, sickness and tiredness. These are three symptoms that usually affect all newly pregnant women in some way or another. However there are some more infrequent and unusual pregnancy symptoms that can occur. Your body undergoes a huge change once you have conceived and some of those changes can be a little strange.

Hair Growth

A lot of women report a surge in the growth of hair in all sorts of places on their body. Very dark and thick hairs can often come up on your back, chin and nipples when you are pregnant. This is a bit of a pain, especially when the hairs come up in very visible places and usually happens because of increased hormone levels and will usually settle down after month 6.

Balance Changes

During pregnancy your centre of gravity changes which can cause you to be a little more unstable of your feet and your joints to become much more lax. This is something that you need to watch out for as it can cause accidents if you lose your footing.

Blocked Nose

Another more unusual pregnancy symptom is a blocked nose for either part of all of your pregnancy. This is caused when high amounts of estrogen causes more mucous to be produced and the lining of the nose to swell.

Varicose Veins

Some women can develop varicose veins during pregnancy which are basically swollen veins just under the surface of the skin. They are usually either purple or blue in colour and are very squidgy. Generally, you will only experience varicose veins if someone in your family has them. To try and keep them at bay you shouldn’t cross your legs when sitting or keep them in the same position for a long time. Put your legs into an elevated position whenever you can.
Symptoms will vary from woman to woman and no two pregnancies are ever the same. Most women will experience the more common symptoms such as sore breasts, changes to their taste buds and the other things that we discussed earlier but others will experience these lesser heard of changes too.

Erica enjoys writing about parenting and pregnancy. She has a special interest in usual pregnancy symptoms and cravings.

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