Not just for Laundry Day: 4 Household Problems Dryer Sheets Can Fix

Cooking—you may enjoy whipping up a delicious meal every night for your family, but when it comes to washing your dirty pots and pans, not so much. Especially if no matter how hard you scrub and soak, small pieces of caked-on particles continue to ruin your pans. But did you know that by simply placing a half of a dryer sheet (yes the same ones used for laundry) at the bottom of your dirty pan and letting it sit overnight with some tap hot water you can actually get your pots and pans looking brand new again? Some light scrubbing may still be required and you’ll definitely want to still use soap (you don’t want to risk leaving any traces of chemicals used in some sheets) but you won’t have to make your fingers ache trying to get your pan glossy again.

So why do dryer sheets work exactly? Not only do the fabrics in dryer sheets contain special positive charged ions that work to neutralize negative charged items which remove static from clothing and other devices such as TV and computer screens, but they also work as a lubricant that works better than some dish soap to break-up food particles, making pots easier to clean.

This means dryer sheets can actually become a life saver come the Holidays—think of all of the turkey roasting pans and post-meal pots that will need to be cleaned. But dryer sheets can resolve an array of other domestic issues as well. To learn three additional ways dryer sheets can come in handy, continue reading below.

3. Remove Dog and Cat Hair. If you own a pet that sheds (and almost all breeds do) an easy way to remove pet fur from your clothing, couch or other pieces of furniture is to actually use a dryer sheet to pick it up. Personally it works better than a lint roller. All you have to do is simply rub the sheet across the appropriate areas. It’s important that you do avoid rubbing a dryer sheet directly on your animal however. Pets tend to lick themselves clean and may get sick from dryer sheet residue. Dryer sheets will also leaves your couch with a faint “clean” smell which leads us to use number two—

2. Freshen up Smelly Objects. Dryer sheets are typically so heavily fragranced that they work similar to a sachet or deodorizer. All you have to do is place a dryer sheet in an area that happens to be particularly stinky, like a sock drawer, gym bag, suitcase, trash can, a closet, or even directly in a shoe or within the pages of a musty book to get the stench out. The trick is leaving the dryer sheet over night so it can work its magic.

1. Use as a Window Washer. Lastly, a wet dryer sheet has the power to remove pesky bugs from your car windshield as well as remove soap scum and lime deposits on shower heads and shower walls.


This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes for accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: blauren99

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