Keeping Your Stuffed Toys Clean

Since they first appeared one century ago, stuffed toys simply have ruled the world. We all have at least one of these fabulous toys at our homes and we all enjoy playing with them. Also, we let our children play with them all day long, but after a while, they get dirty. And we have to think of our children’s health first. So, here I offer you few possible ways how to maintain your stuffed toys, and to keep them looking the same as the day you bought them.

First and the easiest solution is for you to take the plush toy to the laundry and give them a wash. Because of the enormous popularity of these toys, many laundry shops on the streets have nowadays this kind of service. The biggest benefit of this is that the dry cleaning can help you to preserve your plush toys so they look as new.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of plush toys, paying for laundry every time they get dirty would require a whole fortune. In this situation, you have to wash the toys by yourself. The best way to do that is to wash the surface alone, with previously removed cotton. Be extremely careful when putting the cotton back. This is the case with the big toys. Regarding the small plush toys, you can wash them as a whole in the washing machine. The special attention should be paid when you try to dry them. Air-drying is the best, bearing in mind the fact that they can lose their bright colors because of the sun. Do not expose them to the sun!

In case it happens that some parts of the toys fall apart, such as nose or mouth, be ready to show your sewing abilities.

Second, there are plush toys with long wool, which require special cleaning. You should clean them only with the soft shampoo and liquid detergent. Also, you should air dry the toys naturally. You should not have high hopes that the toy will recover its original shape, but that’s the price we have to pay if we want clean toys. Remember to wash them only when it is extremely necessary! If the plush toy has any clothes in itself, remove the clothes and wash it separately.

Although, we are risking losing of the shape of the toys, we still have to maintain our toys. Otherwise, they won’t be so pretty anymore. And remember – follow these rules when washing plush toys and everything should be all right.

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